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International School of Beijing Film Academy is responsible for foreign affairs and foreign students’ work. The predecessor of the school is International Training Center. It has been developed a lot since it was founded in 1988.

In the past 10 years, International School has established close ties with studying-abroad organizations of many countries. The receiving capacity is getting stronger gradually, and the number of the foreign students is getting larger and larger. The foreign students are respectively from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, England, Australia, Canada, America, and Benin, and the total received number has rose to more than 1,600. The level of education background of the foreign students is ascending constantly. The courses for the students learning Chinese are divided into the primary, intermediate and senior levels. The foreign students of film specialties include those learning at public expense; those learning at his/her own expense; graduate students, and undergraduates, as well as those just for general extension course and senior extension courses.

The academy has provided good studying and living conditions for foreign students. The new foreign students building is of more than 8,000 square meters, with 6 floors, 24 single rooms and 102 double rooms. All of the rooms have been furnished and equipped with toilet and tub, color TV, dial-through telephone, air-conditioner, true-wood furniture and carpet. In the building, there is also public kitchen, gas facilities, and public washing room, commercial center and lounge hall. There are also several meeting rooms, among which the multifunctional hall has a capacity of having more than 100 persons. The restaurant is 2-floor in total and 400 square meters area. The security personnel are on duty for 24 hours every day. The classrooms, dormitories and the restaurant are all within the same building, and that provides the foreign students with a warm and comfortable environment and makes it very convenient for them to live and study.

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