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The adult education in Beijing Film Academy was started in 1987 and the first batch students were taken in 1988. The predecessor of Continue Education School was the Night School of Beijing Film Academy and was renamed as the School of Continue Education on Nov. 20, 2002. The School successively offered the following courses: Scriptwriting, Directing, Artistic Design, Writing and Directing, Sound Recording, Film Shooting, Picture Shooting, Film and Television Advertisement, Cartoon, Film and Television making, Film and Television Makeup, Film and Television Performing, TV. Hosts, Film and Television Modeling and etc. After running the program of senior occupational education for the students graduated from senior high schools, it added two more programs, the undergraduate and collegiate undergraduate education. The study form of the students has been also expanded from originally part time studies to full time and part time two kinds.

From 1994 on, the adult education of the academy has been developed into other provincial territories and municipalities. Up till now, it has set up many correspondence education stations, which have students successively from Hebei, henna, Hunan, Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shanghai and Dalian. The school has been approved by Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality Education Committee to be qualified to run art correspondence education. Now, the main specialties provided by the correspondence education include Film and Television Literature and Picture Photographing. In 2002, our academy established Cartoon Specialty training centre for the first time in Shanghai outside the main campus. The academy has published more than forty books and various teaching materials.

The adult education and continue education programs of the academy have been conducted with teaching activities of different levels and forms, so as to provide multi-type study platforms for future examinees who love the profession of film and television production, such as remedial courses before examination, specialty certificate courses (such as intermediate photographer certificate course), short-term on-the-job training courses (such as post film and television production course), occupational qualifications training course (such as art image designing level examination training course), one year long specialty extension courses, technological academy education, including senior occupational education for the students graduated from senior high school, undergraduate course education, technological academy to undergraduate course education and so on. In 2004, our academy was also given the special approval for running the training center of image design. No matter what study form it takes, during the course of education, the school strictly follows the rules and principles and the direction of teaching set by Beijing Municipality Education Committee and Beijing Film Academy and the registered status of the students are strictly taken care of. The senior teachers of our academy are invited to teach the courses inconsideration of the characteristics of adults. Various special lectures are offered periodically in line with the need of education of different specialties. The school keeps close ties and cooperation with teaching units in and outside the academy, the field of communications and film and television production groups.

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