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The Animation School was set up in January, 2000. It used to be the single animation major under the Department of Fine Arts of Beijing Film Academy. With 50 years of development, it has established a complete set of teaching system and scientific training methods. It has the most complete teaching facilities in the domain of cartoon film and television education and an excellent teaching faculty. There are 21 teachers and staff in the college, among whom, 1 professor, 3 associates, 5 lecturers, 8 associate lecturers. We also invited many famous cartoon and computer specialists as our guest professors both at home and abroad. We have 358 students at the present, 32 graduates, 141 undergraduates, 30 undergraduates coming from junior college education, 120 occupational certificate trainees, 35 for continue education or sit-ins.

The Animation School is the first school of animation ever set up in the field of higher education in China. It is also the most powerful institution in animation, getting big support and attention of the state. After the college was built, it has established new directions of education, in which training interdisciplinary talents and specialists are combined. It keeps it as its primary goal to educate animation directors, cartoon designers and related core artists and acts on the principle of keeping education in line with practice through the combination of digital technology with traditional animation creations, animation skill training with animation creation. As a result, the College of Animation has been kept at the front in the domain of animation education for many years. The school has great teaching team which keeps the college to stay at the front in the animation circle. It has long-term cooperative relations with the key TV stations and the press both at home and abroad.

The school pays a special attention to the academic exchanges with colleges and universities in the same domain internally and internationally, with Hong Kong and Macao in particular. Long term academic exchange programs have been set up with universities of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Germany. Teachers and students were sent many times abroad to take part in animation film festivals and got awarded.

In order to promote the animation creations, the college has organized four school-wide competitions for the school students as well as for animation lovers, so as to provide them the opportunity to exhibit their works, which were supported by people of all circles and made a big impact in the field. In its future development, the school strives to widen its ranges of its academic teaching, make creative and educational achievements in animation and cartoons, computer games design, multi-media interface and web design.

The Animation School, takes the advantage of the combined education of traditional animation with high technology of computer, it offers the educational programs of computer animation, cartoons and web design and other directions of teaching. After it was expanded, it has enrolled not only undergraduates, but also graduates, undergraduates for continue education and two-year education for advanced occupational training. The majors offered are animation creation, application of multi-media and Chinese animation film history.

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Animation School

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Arts of Animation

Computer Animation

Game Design

Drama and Film-and-Television



ACG Planning

Provided Master Degree Program(Tuition 56000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


first-level discipline

second-level discipline

research area

Animation School

Master of Fine Arts

(Professional master's degree)


Stop-Motion Film

Anime planning

Art Desgin

Animation product design

Game Desgin

Provided PHD Program (Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


first-level discipline

second-level discipline

research area

Animation School



Research on Animation Theory

Management School
International School
Continue Education School
Audio Visual Arts & Communication School