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In order to speed up the steps of educational system reform and enhance academic construction, Beijing Film Academy worked jointly with Chinese Photographer Association and set up the School of Photography under Beijing Film Academy.

The predecessor of the school is picture photographing, a specialty originally under the Cinematography Department, which is rich in resources and well known for its excellent body of professional staff. This specialty was set up in 1986 and then has been further developed and constructed.

Presently, the school has formed a completely integrated teaching system and a set of scientific training methods with a teaching team whose knowledge structure is well matched. Among the teachers, some are graduates from this academy, some from abroad with a master degree, and some from other art colleges. Through collective efforts, the teachers are striving to educate top-ranking picture photography talents of the world with creative capabilities, so as to keep ahead in the domestic photography teaching and scientific research field.

The school is provided with large-scaled special lighting classrooms used for advertisement and portrait photography teaching, in which there are special lamps and lanterns of the brand of Elinchrom and Deeoljht, with large picture camera of SINAY for various picture breadth used for large picture photography teaching, and with CONTAX645 camera used for commercial photography teaching. Besides, the school is provided with Apple computer classroom used for digital image creation and video frequency editing courses, and relative teaching-support facilities. The target of the School of Photography is to bring up senior special talents being able to engage in picture photographing, media, image, picture advertisement and art design, photographic theory studies, photography teaching, and relevant work. They should eventually become high-ranking talents both in skills and morality.

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Photography School

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Photography 130404

Picture Photography



Commercial Photography

Production of Media Video

Provided Master Degree Program (Tuition 56000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


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Photography School

Master of Fine Arts (Professional master's degree)

Fine Arts


Management School
International School
Continue Education School
Audio Visual Arts & Communication School