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The Department of Film Studies is an academy-wide scientific research department of Beijing Film Academy, one of the most important film and television research institutions in China. So it has another name: Institute of Film Studies of Beijing Film Academy. The institute has a body of well known film scholars both at home and abroad, also with most famous experts, scholars who enjoy great fame domestically and internationally in film research institutions as its advisers or part-time researchers, engaging research in many areas, including film history and theory, art and esthetics, culture and communications. For many years it has had its graduate enrolments in film and television theory research. Graduate majors include Film Esthetics, Film and Television Communications, Film and Television Narration Research, Histories of Chinese and Foreign Films, and Film and Television Creation Theories and so on. Since 2004, the institute has started to enroll doctor candidates and to accept visiting scholars in the fields of Chinese and foreign film and television theory and culture studies.

The Department of Film Studies was founded in December, 2002 when it started a four-year undergraduate program in the direction of film and television media theory studies. The teaching for undergraduates focuses on increasing students' basic theoretical and practicing capabilities so that the students' vision and knowledge will be widened. At the same time, students are required to grasp the basic rules of film and television creations and posses special creating and researching ability which will make them ready for across media employment in the future and become film and television professionals capable both at theory and practice.

Main courses offered are: Film Theory, Film and TV Cultural Criticism, Film and Television Script Writing, Video and Audio Languages, Genre Films, Film and Television Drama, Theory of Film and Television Communications, Histories of Hong Kong and Taiwan Films, Chinese Film History, Foreign Film History, The Origin and Development of Media, Chinese and Foreign Literature, Film and Television Creation Theory, The Basics of Film And Television Making, Film Analysis, and Studies on Master Directors and So On.

The publication of Beijing Film Academy Journal was started in 1984. It is edited by the staff of the Department of Film Studies. It is the only journal of film theory that integrates film education of higher learning with film theory studies. The journal reflects the teachers' teaching and scientific research achievements and tracts the newest film and television creation and research currents. It has become one of the most well known and influential journals in terms of academic level. It is with great popularity in the circle of film professionals. Since the layout was amended in 1998, the journal has been keeping pace with times and has enjoyed a good fame in the areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2002, it was chosen as the core the category of Chinese literature and art. And it has ranked among the best 1568 of over 10,000 Chinese journals. It was chosen as the source journal of Chinese Social Science Quotation Index. In 2002, it won the Second Excellent Social and Scientific Journal Award.

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Department of Film studies

Majors & Course Code



Taught Language

Film Studies 130303

Film Studies



Provided Master Degree Program(Tuition 51000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


Frst-level discipline

Second-level discipline

Research area

Department of Film Studies

Artistic Theory (Master of academic)

Art Theory

Art theory and cultural creativity

Drama and film and television (Master of academic)

Film Studies

The Chinese and foreign film history

Provided PHD Program(Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


first-level discipline

second-level discipline

research area

Department of Film Studies

Drama ,film and television

Film Studies

Film Theory and history

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies
Department of Directing
Department of Cinematography
Department of Film and TV Technology