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The Research Institute of Digital Media Technology of Beijing Film Academy was officially founded in March of 2003, based on the Digital Television Laboratory which was set up back to June of 2002.

The primary task of the institute is to study the application of the traditional film technique. Nevertheless, the emphasis of the research is on how to apply the high and new technologies in modern film and television and new media. Whereas, the new technologies might be understood, used by us and shall better serve the society. In the meantime, the institute strives to train new type of technical talents in film and television production, who are mostly wanted by today’s society, who have good command of high-tech theories and application skills as well as new film manufacturing technologies. Utilizing the rich resources in film art and technology of Beijing Film Academy, the institute added another completely new field ----Network Games, needed greatly by the market so as to conduct related research and talent training.

The equipments in the research institute include a whole set of digital film manufacturing system and image quality-testing device, such as high definition camera, post-production editing system and digital high- luminance big screen projector. In the meantime, it is equipped with advanced three-dimensional graphic image developing and making system and advanced application software, as well as a campus network system which provides a good environment for digital media to run on the network. The institute has set up a new digital platform for teaching, scientific research and production in the domain of modern film and televisions and new media technology, and has laid basis for film production to achieve complete digitalization in the future. Now the institute is actively conducting research on the application of digital film technology and developing new digital special-effect film technology. It includes a package of projects to resolve the means for having stereo film, digital circuit films and various digital pictures on big screens.

The institute will adopt multi-form of education to train talents, including the program of junior college students, undergraduates, graduate students, and various specialty extension and training. In teaching practices, the institute emphasizes its education on students’ operating abilities Therefore, they will be made into new type of technical talents who are not only provided with modern new and high-tech theories and knowledge, but also with various actual practical application skills.

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Department Film and TV Technology

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Cinematography and Film Production130311T

Digital Film Technology



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The Department of Film and Television Technology

Drama and film and television(Master of academic)

Film Studies

Digital Film Technology

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies
Department of Directing
Department of Cinematography
Department of Film and TV Technology