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The Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies of Beijing Film Academy has a long history and far-reaching influence in the domain of film education. For many years, it sticks to the teaching principle that the script is the root of the drama and holds the belief that it is from here that a film is born.

The teaching offered in the Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies is not simply framed in school classrooms. The most important with the department is that teachers have always shared their personal practical experiences in film and television creations. Their teaching experiences are very rich, theory knowledge very profound and the prizes won by them are numerous. It is a teaching team that long enjoys its fame for professional background, high quality of teaching and responsibilities. Additionally they are trusted with lots of state and province level research projects and stands in close ties with international scholarship.

The Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies has already formed a whole set of advanced film teaching system in terms of teaching theory and teaching method, which fits Chinese situation well and takes the leading place in the whole world. Every year, the department attracts students in great numbers at home and abroad. In the mean time, numerous teachers and colleges, universities and teaching agencies of high education apply to come for continue education or to view and emulate teaching activities.

The Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies offers three kinds degree programs: doctor degree program of Film History and Film Theory; master degree program of Film Script Writing, Film Writing Theory and Skills, Film Aesthetics, Chinese Film History, Foreign Film History, Film and Television Communication Theory and so on, and four years bachelor degree program of Drama, Film and Television Literature. The latter includes two years long undergraduate courses of Film and Television Writing and Directing Creation for the students graduated from junior college course, two years long senior occupational education and extension education. Moreover, the department also offers master degree program for professionals at work. The yearlong student body of this department is made of more than 100, including various types of students in continue studies, graduates, undergraduates, students in extended education and trainings.

The Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies also offers courses to various students of other programs in Beijing Film Academy, such as Basic Theory of Film Drama, Introduction to Drama, Film Script Theory, Theory and Skills of Film Drama, Film Aesthetics, Film Theory, Theory of Communications, Chinese Film Theory, Foreign Film History, Studies on Film Masters, Studies on Films of Some Foreign Countries, Film Genre Studies, Film Analysis and so on.

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Majors & Course Code



Taught Language

Drama and Film-and-Television Literature


Film Creation and Planning



Provided Master Degree Program(Tuition 51000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


First-level  discipline

Second-level  discipline

Research area

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies

Drama and film and television (Master of academic)

 Film Studies       

International film culture communication

Master of Fine Arts      (Professional master's degree)


Film creation and planning

Film screenwriting

Radio &Television

TV play screenwritting

Provided PHD Program(Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):


First-level  discipline

Second-level  discipline

Research area

Department of

Screenwriting and Film Studies

Artistic Theory

Art Theory 

Narrative Art

Drama and film and television

Film Studies

Film History

Film screen writing

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies
Department of Directing
Department of Cinematography
Department of Film and TV Technology