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Wu Ershan, director of The Ghouls came with pleasure to communicate the experience and lesson from creation to shooting of the film with students in the last class of “case study of movie and TV play classical planning” of Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies hosted by associate professor Du Qingchun from the Department at 6:00pm, January 5th.

Based on questions of the case group, Wu Ershan told his story. He talked about how to wisely choose Ghost Blows Out from the three stories of Ghost Blows Out, The Lost Tomb and Tibetan Code, his understanding of the unique visualization presented by the story, hard process of screenwriting, how to select figures and stories and how they finished the adaption. He showed the developing way of the film in the first stage and his idea and application mode of genre film from creation angle in the communication.

Audience and news media gave a comment that the film will be a “sample of Chinese film industry” before The Ghouls was released to the public. Wu Ershan admitted that the film made a new attempt with treasure adventures type. He also humbly said it was just ok. In the stage of free questions, the enthusiasm students gave their doubts and feelings to communicate with the director.

When the lecture drew to an end, Wu Ershan shared his experience and thoughts about international teamwork. He said project cooperation has to seek for proper partner team and main creators of the film were invited based on requirements of the film. Nowadays, Wu Ershan has dedicated himself to “Fengshen” film project development and told audience to meet in five years.

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