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“The way of art creation” series academic lecture is a common course designed for Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidates 2015 by Graduate School in the semester. On the platform, filmmakers who work on art creation have an opportunity to pass on their creation and practice experience to the students studying in BFA.

Guan Hu, a famous director came to Standard Screening Room with his new work of Mr. Six in the afternoon of November 19, 2015 to make a preview and have real-time communication before public show. Guan Hu, Professor Xu Tongjun from Department of Directing and Professor Hou Keming started the first class of the semester. The New Year movie starred by Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu, Li Yifeng and Kris Wu will be released to the public on December 24th. It won lots of praise at the preview and students showed their interests in the film with applaud.

Mr. Six is a story with pure Beijing characteristics. Guan Hu is both director and scriptwriter of the film. He said the story is born from his inner heart. He looked for new story theme everywhere before the story. However, he always thought “it’s not perfect” for the story of others experience or from social news. Then he created the story of Mr. Six from his own experience. Place of the story is a Hutong where he was born and grew up. And people in the story are real Beijing natives heard or seen by him. So Guan Hu invited Feng Xiaogang (another famous director) to act the hero Mr. Six. He knew other actors could also act the role. But Feng Xiaogang is born for Mr. Six.

Mr. Xu Tongjun highly praised the way of creation and told students, “lots of directors make their works an individual chronicle of themselves”. He said Mr. Six is a milestone work of Guan Hu because it was born from inner heart and produced exquisitely. He thought the film turned a new page of creation.

When we talked about the other two heroes acted by Li Yifeng and Kris Wu, Guan Hu admitted that they are definitely for commercial profit. What’s more and what’s more important, he tried to find highlights from them. The story of Mr. Six is about old and new Jianghu (all corners of the society). It’s necessary to compare the people in the two Jianghu. He even invited TFboys to be guest performers to see how the new elements have impacts on the movie.

Besides actors, he also tried new shooting styles. Guan Hu was a director who would like to change script anytime according to his feelings before. For Mr. Six, it was the first time for him to strictly follow “industrial” production process. He shot the film based on what the script said including all modal particles of Beijing accent.

Driven by the “marvelous” film of Mr. Six, communication in the lecture became passionate. Students in the audience strove to raise hands with questions and even Professor Hou Keming also gave his question. On the stage, Guan Hu and Professor Xu Tongjun, Guanhu’s respected teacher, answered questions one by one. Guan Hu gave examples to explain something combining his own creation experience and Mr. Xu gave comment to his examples on a macro level. Both of them started another topic before ending one to entertain attending students with live and philosophic knowledge.

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