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Faculty Successes

The thirty-fourth session of Miami International Film Festival was held in Miami, Florida, the United States o March 12, Beijing time, and the best director award, the best male and female protagonist awards, the best script award, the most good photography award and other 16 awards were presented in the awarding ceremony. Xiang Neng, Associate Professor of School of Performing Arts was awarded best male protagonist of "Golden Lighthouse Award" for his performance in the film "Chinese Poem". The film was about Du Mu, a Tang poet concerned over state affairs and making efforts to restore the glory of Tang Dynasty as the internal and external troubles of the Tang Dynasty deteriorate. The whole film is mostly black and white and tries to use a philosophical point of view to explain the legendary life of Du Mu. Xiang Neng was fully prepared for the role and ultimately showed the image of Du Mu with simple, honest performances and was recognized by the audience and the judges.

Begun in 1984, Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the most prestigious four major film festivals in the United States (the other three were the New York Film Festival, the Chicago Film Festival, and the San Francisco Film Festival), this year witnessed the third Fourteenth session. As one of the most known international film festivals in North America and also one of the largest and most influential international festivals in the southeastern region of the United States, it attracts hundreds of films from dozens of countries to exhibit and premiere here every year. The film festival has been making positive contributions to spotting film talents and promoting the innovation and development of world’s film culture. Hundreds of well-known film directors, filmmakers, actors, filmmakers and educators from mainland China, Taiwan and the United States gathered in Miami, attended the shortlisted China films showing event, China Film and Culture International Symposium, Chinese Language Film Festival, "Golden Lighthouse Award" awarding ceremony and closing ceremony activities.

Hundreds of well-known film directors, producers, actors and movies and cultural people and educators from mainland China, Taiwan and the United States in Miami to attend the Chinese film radio activities, the Chinese Film and Culture International Symposium, the Mandarin Film Festival The Golden Lighthouse Awards ceremony and the closing ceremony.

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