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Faculty Successes

During October 31-November 6, 2016, the 12thChinese American Film Festival closed. The filmPerfect Inperfectiondirected by Director Chen Bing of BFA and invested and produced jointly by Zhongying Shangyuan International Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. and Youth Film Studio, won the highest awards ‘Golden Angel’ Awards of the festival.


During the film exhibition period of the festival, Director Chen Bing on behalf of BFA, jointly with Zhongying Shangyuan International Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd., held “Western and Eastern Directors’ Seminar” with American Beverly Hills Municipal Government, Hollywood Famous Director Michael C.Kelly, Producer and Director Richard Anderson, Jason E Squire, Famous Professor and Deputy President of Film College of University of Southern California, Director and Professor Stanley Rosen of East Asia Research Center of University of Southern California, Chinese American Director Sun Yaoning, Hollywood Music Producer Michael Durio, Previous Mayor Richard Montgomery of ManhattanBeach, Chairman Mark Rafter of Marco Polo Company, Chinese Famous Actor Sun Haiying, and Chairman Liu Zhuo of US News Express Group, celebrities in American media and entertainment industry, American layers’ circle, financial circle, industrial and commercial circle and industrial labor union, etc. in regards to film education, film industry, film and society and world film development under new form, etc.


On the “seminar”, Chen Bing, Director of BFA, proposed new film creation and teaching idea and also gave detailed introduction to the “new academism” idea of BFA and the world framework of the film and future film development trend.


The famous director Michael C. Kelly of Hollywood said on the “seminar” that:  I did not teach others how to make film. I just told how we did. I was very glad to give advices to others and hoped that America may share my experience to the directors and film and television production team that liked me. Meanwhile, he also sincerely expressed that he would be very pleasant to share film art with people if BFA intended to invite him.


In recent years, the film and culture exchange between China and America developed fast. At present, China was the second biggest film market over the world and the cooperation between China and America in the future had extremely broad prospect. In allusion to this situation, Director Chen Bing also expressed to them that there would be more Chinese film directors and producers who were willing to bring Chinese more excellent works to promote in North America and hoped that there would be opportunity in the future to have long-term deep cooperation with Hollywood film staff. He also hoped that BFA may become the bridge for culture and entertainment exchange, etc. between China and America. 

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …