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Student Awards

In the list of 2016 CISF Winners which has just been announced, the 2015 Graduation Joint WorkFarewell My Lovedirected by Zhang Dage, a Grade 2011 graduate of Advertising Directing Major of Fine Arts School of BFA won two awards – Best Student Short Film Award and Best Foreign Language Film Award. For this film, association professor Yang Qingsheng of Fine Arts School served as the first instructor; and this film also won 2015 Beijing Film Academy “Academy Award” Excellent Short Film, Best Fine Art and Favorite Film.


This film tells the story that before getting married, the film sound engineer Ma Jun returned to Tibetan Areas of West Sichuan Province where he ever went with the team, hoping to say his final goodbyes to the Tibetan girl Droma whom he ever loved best, in the company of his fiancee Yang Yue who loved him very much. Ma Jun hid himself by collecting and recording sound throughout the journey. However, on the way, Yang Yue accidently received a DV machine, which displayed a completely strange Ma Jun. Then, they two, with different intentions, appeared united outwardly but were divided at heart throughout the journey…


The shooting ofFarewell My Lovewas completed on National Highway 318 on Western Sichuan Plateau in winter of 2015, and it took a week. Because of extremely adverse climate, the camera crew consisted of over 40 people. The production team was made up of fresh undergraduates and graduates of BFA. The director Zhang Dage is a girl from Cheng Du. After her failure in the first round of graduation joint work application, she retreated to create her work, and with the great help of her supervisor Yang Qingsheng, she gained the qualification of the second round of graduation joint work. Then, she led the production team to the Plateau 3800m high above sea level in winter, and presented the unremitting efforts and persistence of teachers and students of BFA in the art creation.


The award ceremony of CISF was held on September 17 US time. The director Zhang Dage of this film, as the director of CCTV large-scale 7-episode documentary Yushu, is busy shooting the filmYushuin Yushu. She is an excellent graduate of BFA, and BFA is proud of her!

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