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Student Awards

On May 1st at American Time, North Hollywood International Film Festival of 2016 ended in the Nuohuo Art Center, Los Angeles, California, the United States. The graduate combination film named “Chinese Sauerkraut” directed by Liang Shuang and guided by Huang Dan in 2015 was won the Reward for Film Newcomer. Liang Shuang, the Director attended all the activities on film festival and accepted the award.  There were 14 awards on the film festival from April 28th to May 1st for four days. In this year, 66 films were selected from 15 countries.“Chinese Sauerkraut”was the only rewarded film in Asia, congratulating to the achievement.


After the end of the competition at Film Festival, a series of free and outdoor activities of film panorama in summer will be carried out. There will be 6 films for free and their related art activities in the North Hollywood Company and the Nuohuo Arts Center. There are many participators, and the subsequent activities of the film festival are very active.


 North Hollywood International Film Festival of the the United States is a non-profit organization for originators in arts and films so as to help artists and filmmakers and the art circles in the world’s film industry to establish a platform. Through the North Hollywood International Film Festival of the the United States, the creative thought and the mainstream value are shown to the world, to win the financial support from around the world. Another purpose of the festival is to cooperate with the personnel with lofty ideals and to build a social platform with social cohesion, universal fraternity and voluntary, so as to promote the development and progress of world cinema.

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