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Student Awards

Never Look Back executive and directed by Wang Jingguang, an alumnus of BFA, continuously won important awards of many international film festivals

In 2014,Never Look Backexecutived and directed by Wang Jingguang, a 2008 alumnus from Department of Directing of BFA, continuously won the Best Film Award of the 6th China Image Film Festival, the Best Music Award of the 11th San Diego International Children's Film Festival, the Best Leading Actress Award of 9th Russia Irkutsk International Film Festival, and the Best Cinematography Award of 9th Asia International Youth Film Festival.

The film Never Look Backhad been shortlisted in 20 home and abroad film festivals, had won four awards of international film festival and had become the opening film in main and other venues of three main domestic film festivals by the end of year 2014. Besides, this film was well appreciated by the 18th Beijing Show and the 10th AFM which were film market to promote commercial.

Wang Jingguang, the director of this film, was graduated from Department of Screenwriting of BFA (Bachelor Degree) and from Department of Directing (Master Degree), and he was a MFA of film director major (creative orientation). He was a member of China Film Association, Association of Chinese Film Director and China Association of TV Drama Director, and he advocated genre film creation, and he initiated and organized Genre Film Creation League.

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