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Training Prongram Abroad

Between July 10 and July 30,2016, ten delegates from Beijing Film Academy went to Columbia College in Chicago, United States (hereinafter referred to as Columbia College) to accept the summer digital film production training for teachers. Supported by leaderships of Beijing Film Academy, and thoughtfully arranged by United States counterpart, the summer training program achieved the desired results and was a complete success.

On July 10, the ten delegates of Beijing Film Academy training group arrived in Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. On July 11, Stan Wearden, Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Columbia College, led relevant professors to receive the faculty from Beijing Film Academy. Li Xin, Deputy Director of Personnel Department, on behalf of Beijing Film Academy training group, introduced the purpose of this trip and expressed their sincere gratitude to the US counterpart. Then, led by Professor Cao Wenhuaof Columbia College, the delegates visited the college campus and learned a lot about the professional setup and curriculum arrangement.

Subsequently, the delegates of the training group received an 8-day film production training course at the Columbia College Media Production Center. During the period, the professors from the Columbia College elaborated on the basic process of digital film production in the United States in details in terms of film photography, drama directing, power lighting, recording, editing, practice and other aspects. The participants listened attentively, practiced personally and interacted actively with the teachers, and finally created two short films. This was also an important achievement of that training.

On July 23, Beijing Film Academy training group left from Chicago for Columbia College Los Angeles campus to carry out the training on digital film production and teaching methods. Jon Kaztman, head of Los Angeles, invited senior producers, directors and screenwriters from Hollywood to introduce the success of the Hollywood model. These teachers combined their own creative experience, vividly explained the content of the course and patiently answered each question raised by candidates.

In order to strengthen their practice and learning, trainees also visited the famous Paramount Film Studio and 20th Century Fox Film Studio where they were impressed by the high level of management and efficient work flow. At the same time, thanks to the coordination of the International School, participants also had the opportunity to visit the Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Los Angeles and were shown around the campus together with visiting Film Academy teachers to learn about the history of the college.

The summer training, thanks to its enriched course content, was targeted, and prominently practical. It was of great enlightenment and reference significance for improving the teaching, scientific research and creative ability of the trainees.

On the morning of December 9, 2016, the Personnel Department held the 2016 young backbone teachers training in the United States and internationalized teacher cultivation seminar in Conference Room 235 of Building C so as to consolidate the training results. Sun Lijun and Ni Yuehong, vice chancellors of Beijing Film Academy attended the meeting, GengJunwu, director of Overseas Training Department of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, came to the meeting and gave policy guidance. The leaders of relevant teaching management departments and young backbone teachers attended the meeting which was presided over by Deputy Director Wang Binxia of the Personnel Department.

The seminar was opened by a short video about the summer training in the United States, according to the arrangement of the conference, Du Shijie from the Performing Arts School, Wu Haibin from the Personnel Department, Wang Shaobai from the Department of Directing, Liang Lihua from the Department of Cinematography, Li Bo from the Department of Film and TV Technology, Zeng Xiaoming from the Sound School, Huang Ying from the Animation School, Xia Xiaochun from the Fine Arts School, Liu Beibei from the International School talked about the inspiration and thinking brought by the training in combination with their own work, shared their reference and application of relevant training content in their educational practice. They said that this training was closely linked to the theme, the content was substantial, the effect was significant, it broadened the horizons and trainees learned advanced educational ideas for their teaching and research work which were extremely useful in the future, they would learn to further the use of knowledge in the actual work and contribute to the construction of a world-class film academy. Li Xin, deputy director of the Personnel Department, as the head of the training group summarized the training and expressed sincere gratitude to the experts, leaders, staff and training group members for their hard work.

GengJunwu, head of Planning office of Overseas Training Program of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, pointed out that the theme training on "2016 Digital Film Production and Teaching Methodology Training Group" was clearly defined, the training content matched trainees’ demands, the curriculum design was sufficient and the training summary was enriched. Mr. Geng hoped we do a good job in the promotion and application of training results and he gave policy guidance on short-term overseas training projects as well as policy interpretation on support provided by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to faculty team building.

Sun Lijun and Ni Yuehong, vice chancellors of Beijing Film Academy spoke highly of the training in the United States and the report given by training group members. They believed that this training was well prepared, the organization was rigorous and thoughtful, the content was substantial and the pertinence was obvious, which it had achieved satisfactory results.

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