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Training Prongram Abroad

With an invitation by Perum Produksi Film Negara, Professor Xie Fei visited Indonesia from May 20th to May 30th and attended the first Chinese film panorama and a series of activities of movie master.

The event was co-sponsored by the Perum Produksi Film Negara and Beijing Red and White China Cultural Development Co,. Ltd. The opening ceremony was held in Cinemaxx Cinema on May 21st. Public figures who are enthusiastic about the cultural development between Indonesia and China attended this open ceremony as follow: Mr. Jin Hongyue, the Cultural Secretary of Embassy of Indonesia in China, Mr. Bondan Gunawan, the General Chairman of India-China Friendship Association and Shelvy Arifin, the Chief Executive Officer of Perum Produksi Film Negara,Mr. Zhou Boda,the Deputy General Manager of Association of Indonesia -China Economic, Social and Culture Cooperation, Mr. Eros Djarot, the Director of Indonesian famous film and Mr.Wu Xiehe, the famous film producer of Indonesia and the scriptwriter, Mr. Bao Jianlei, the President and Mr. Tao Zhufeng, the Chief Business Officer of Baidu from Indonesia, Mr. Liu Zhengchang, the Chairman of Columbia Company and Mr. Liu Zhengxian, the Commissioner of PT. Citra Intirama, Mr. Qiu Changren, the Deputy General Manager of Indonesian Hakka Association and Mr. Kuang Yuozhang, the Editor in Chief of Bisnis Indonesia, as well as Mr. Li Tuansheng, the Secretary General of Overseas Fraternity of Schoolmates in Indonesia.

The known media between Indonesia and China, such as CCTV, Chinese Commercial Newspaper, International Daily News, Dispatch, National News Agency of Indonesia, the Xinhua News Agency, Broadcast Magazine,, Detik, China Radio International, Kompas, MetroTV and Indonesian Chinese Satellite Television, reported the spectacular event in that day. “The Black Stallion” directed by Professor Xie Feiwas was showed in an opening ceremony, which has been highly praised by the Indonesian filmmakers and audiences.

The lecture of film master was held in the well-known universities of Djakarta and Bali Creative Club, and “Woman Sesame Oil Maker”, “Song of Tibet”, “ A Girl from Hunan” and “This Animal Year” directed by Xie were showed for many times. In Jakarta, Professor. Xie Fei, respectively, visited the National University of Indonesia, Binus University, the President University-Indonesia and Art Institute of Jakarta. The lectures were taken after the end of film. Binus University and Art Institute of Jakarta indicated that they would select the works of students to participate in ISFvF Film Festival of film academy.

During period of Indonesia, Professor. Xie Fei also visited the Embassy of Indonesia in China and talked with Ambassador Xie Feng and Mr. Jin Hongyue, the cultural Counsellor. He also visited the film studio of National Film Company of Indonesia and met with many

Indonesian national film studio company, and met with a number of public figures in film industry of Chinese descendants in Indonesia. Professor Xie Fei said in an interview with reporters: "Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. Its film market prospect is promising, and there are many outstanding film makers. At this time, I have made the acquaintance of many Chinese workers of film industry in Indonesia. I hope that Indonesian films will be shown in China.”

It is reported that Professor Xie Fei will invite Mr. Wu Xiehe, the well-known scriptwriter and film producer and theIndonesian filmmakers to participate in the activities of plan exhibition about “ Indonesian Film Week” held in Beijing. Beijing Red and White China Cultural Development Co,. Ltd. being committed to cultural exchange between Indonesia and China will also support this event.

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