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Training Prongram Abroad

At the invitation of the National Film Board of Malaysia (FINAS) and the Malaysian National Institute of the Arts (ASWARA), Professor Xie Fei visited Malaysia from May 13th to May 20th, and we also conducted a series of exchange activities.

First of all, it was about a two-day "Lecture for Director Xie Fei ", and 3 films directed by Professor Xie Fei were played, such as “ The Black Stallion” , “zodiac year of birth” and "Woman Sesame Oil Maker". Hassan Muthalib,the famous movie critic from Malaysia chaired QA after playing films. Mr. Muttalib thought highly of films by Director Xie Fei and analyzed the film from the audiovisual techniques and artistic characteristics. There were many Malaysian filmmakers among the audiences and many movie lovers. They deeply discussed the creative background and details with Professor Xie Fei. Mr. Dato’Kamil Othman, the Director General of National Film Board of Malaysia and Professor Xie Fei discussed the film market, the development of art films and the curation of film festival during the event.

After the lesson of master, Professor Xie Fei visited the Malaysian National Institute of Arts and had a fruitful talk with Professor Hatta Azad Khan, the Headmaster and Mr. Mahantheran Maxwell, the Director of Department of Film and Television about the cooperation and photo exhibition of international students. Professor Han said that the two universities should strengthen the understanding and in-depth cooperation and carry out an academic visit between teachers and students to sign a cooperation agreement as soon as possible. Mr. William Maxwell said that he would select and send the works of students to participate in the International Student Film Festival of Film Academy in this year. He also showed a film “Song of Tibet” directed by Professor Xie Fei in art theater of Department of Cinema and Television and also exchanged with Professor Xie Fei and his students.

During the visit in Malaysia, Director Xie Fei also visited Academy of Fashion Art of Snips, and discussed with Mr. Naduo Luoming, the President about the personnel training and school-running model. In addition, he also met Mr. Zhou Qing Yuan, the famous ethnic Chinese filmmaker from Malaysia (a student from Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy in 1995), Mr. HoYo-Hang and Ms. Tan Chui Mui.

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Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …