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Joint Co-Education

On Oct.13, 2017, VITHOUN SOUNDARA, director of Film Bureau of Ministry of Culture of Laos, together other 7 members, visited BFA starting an in-depth  discussion on film talent training, joint shooting and other directions. Zhang Jian - BFA’s deputy party secretary, Mi Jing – vice president of College of International Exchange, Guo Yonghao – head of Youth Film Studio, and Zuo Yan - Foreign Affairs Office of College of International Exchange warmly received the guests.

VITHOUN SOUNDARA thanked BFA for the warm reception of representatives. He  expressed his intimate feelings after visiting the campus and some departments.  Especially after visiting our history museum, VITHOUN SOUNDARA said Laos failed to focus on this aspect, and even missed the best time to search. They need to learn from BFA in this aspect. Moreover, during the communication with responsible persons and teachers of departments, VITHOUN SOUNDARA saw BFA’s development in artistic creation and technological innovation. Through the cooperation, we hope to promote more young filmmakers from Laos to come to BFA to further their study, and cultivate more talents that can work for the exchanges between China and Laos in culture and film.

Zhang Jian - BFA’s deputy party secretary expressed the welcome of Laotian students to come to BFA studying. Under the strategic deployment of CPC Central Committee and the state, our academy will guide the functional departments to cooperate with each other, and build a platform for cooperation and exchange. During the meeting, Zhang Jian briefly introduced the honors and achievements obtained by BFA, and honors received by the films of new academism in major film festivals, and focused on BFA’s promotion and inheritance of the history of China’s film education development. Zhang Jian said, during the construction of history museum, through unremitting efforts, various channels of collection and collation of text and image records, BFA has protected and excavated the historical records retained by old generation of filmmakers and education workers. Through the collection and collation, it can reflect the important role of movie – key component in cultural field in the process of development of the times.

During the visit of Laotian delegation, they visited the History Museum, School of Acting, School of Animation, Youth Film Studio (film studio), and exchanged the views with the responsible persons of the departments on their respective majors.

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