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Joint Co-Education

From Oct.19 to Oct.28, Liu Bin, Admission Dept. of BFA, and Xue Liping, project director of College of International Exchange, attended 2017 Beijing Education Seminar, led by Li Yi, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education,  in which a total of 9 colleges and universities participated. The 2017 Beijing Education Seminar, hosted by Beijing Education Seminar, organized by Beijing International Education Exchange Center, and Kuwei World Federation of Educational and Cultural Exchanges, aims at promoting international education in Beijing, strengthening contact and cooperation with the colleges of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, increasing mutual understanding, expanding opening-up, and learning advanced educational experience, and sharing excellent educational resources,  promoting the internationalization of education exchange and in-depth cooperation of Beijing, and pushing forward “One Belt and One Road" strategy.

In this Seminar, a total of official activities were completed within 6 days through the close cooperation of all groups. The activities included education seminar of Sophia (capital of Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania), and Budapest (Hungary), and visits of Civil Engineering and Geodesy Architecture University in Sophia, Hallet University in Rominia, and Tasmania University in Hungary, and Chinese Embassy in Hungary. In the three education seminars, related persons advocated the policies relating to Beijing’s excellent education resources, foreign students recruitment, and scholarship. The three universities conducted seminar for both parties’ strengthening cooperation in education, exchanging teachers, cultivating language teaching cooperation, and jointly conducting scientific research. During the visit of each university, the three colleges from Beijing will give a scene presentation.

Beijing Film Academy, as one of academy participating in the showing, gave a detailed introduction of BFA in terms of the history, global rankings, teaching facilities and features, professional settings, talent training, international student enrollment programs, scholarship categories and new campuses

In this visit, most official activities were carried out within short time in Beijing Education Seminar. Such intensive business trip aimed at recruiting more foreign students to return, and cultural exchanges between different countries. Thus, students around the world can work together for common development, so that “One Belt and One Road" is not only a concept, but also the development community, full of vigour.

Beijing Education Seminar received warm welcome.

On Oct.20, the first stop in Sophia, Mr.Gu Hongxing, Cultural Counsellor from Embassy of Bulgaria in China, and Ms. Chen Ying, head of the education group, were invited to attend the Seminar. Nearly 400 persons including presidents, teachers, young students, and overseas Chinese attended the Seminar.

Bulgarian alliance Berry education group welcomed Beijing education delegation in the manner of receiving honored guests, and presented a small gift to everyone. The seminar is started by local pupils’ signing Chinese songs, and reciting chinese nursery rhymes. Li Yi, head of Beijing education delegation, and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, said at the opening ceremony, under the background of promoting common development and regional cooperation of China and the countries along the One Belt and One Road strategy, we hope the two countries can take this opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges.

We hope Bulgarian education colleagues can know more about Beijing and Beijing's education, to promote exchanges and cooperation of the two countries in the field of education. Later, Mr.Gu Hongxing, Cultural Counsellor from Embassy of Bulgaria in China, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. The seminar was welcome by local teachers and students, parents and universities and educational institutions.The venue was crowded with people. Each booth was filled with local students who came for consultation. Many local colleges and universities came to discuss cooperation with the leaders of Beijing Education Commission.

This seminar is pragmatic, and promote people's minds with practical action. At the end of the seminar, Ms. Chen Ying, head of Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, wrote on the message sheet, “Welcome all members of  2017 Beijing Education Seminar, Wish Beijing's colleges and universities have greater  influence on the world !"  Delegation of Beijing Education Seminar is just like the  propaganda team or seeder on the new long march road, publicizing the concept of  "China Belt and Road Initiative" and “win-win cooperation”, showing the strength of International Education in Beijing. Many local overseas Chinese came to the scene


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Li Yi, Mr. Deng Liming, head of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Romania, and Ms. Francisca Catuta, head of the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education of Romania, came to the stage and cut ribbons. Local pupils gave wonderful show in Chinese for everyone, and won everyone's praise! During the briefing, Mr. Li Yi, head of Beijing Education Delegation and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Mr. Jia Zhaoyi, director of Comprehensive Office of International Student Center at Beijing University of Science and Technology, respectively accepted interviews with local TV reporters. Director Li Yi said: "I hope this conference Can open a window for Romanian friends to understand Beijing's education and promote exchanges and cooperation in education between China and Romania."In a warm and peaceful atmosphere, the briefing concluded with a victory. At the end of the congress, local people took the initiative in offering flower baskets to the members of the delegation and let the members be moved. This is the reality version of "the relation between countries lies in friendship of people, and friendship of people lines linkage of hearts." Although the two countries of China and Romania are separated by tens of thousands of miles, the distance between them cannot hinder t linkage of hearts of the two peoples. As Director Li Yi said in his speech: "When the white rose blooms and the sunshine from Beijing is shining on the Black Sea, more friends will be able to perceive China and feel Beijing."

Third stop of "2017 Beijing Education Seminar" successfully concluded in Budapest on October 27, Mr. Wang Zheng, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, Mr. Wu Hua, head of the Education Section, and Mr. Varga Antal, Vice Mayor of Education in the First District of Budapest were invited to attend this conference. Mr. Li Yi, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Mr. Wang Zheng, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, and Mr. Varga Antal, Vice Mayor of Education in the First District of Budapest, addressed the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon successively. The conference attracted nearly 400 local young students to attend. After the opening ceremony, there are still some students entering the venue. Each college booth is packed with local students who come to consult, and briefing scene is an unprecedented event.


Three scenes of the three briefings of three countries is busy, the young people of the three countries eager to study in Beijing to understand the enthusiasm of education in Beijing, beautiful future of cooperation of the three countries’ local institutions and Chinese academies and schools, charm of the Beijing education delegation, and profound Chinese culture ... All these gather together into a magnificent strength full of contemporary sense, and build gas station on the road of "Belt and Road" for Beijing Education. This program paves the way for education exchanges and cooperation between China, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The road of light is making steady progress toward the inclusive, balanced and win-win direction.

Short educational exchange visit is over. Based on the platform set up by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Film Academy propagandized all aspects of our school with unique features to the countries of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary so that the students in the three countries can more intuitively understand the various types of learning projects we can provide. At the same time, the teachers at Beijing Film Academy responsible for both domestic enrollment and overseas student enrollment management learned about the enthusiasm, professionalism and characteristics of students and local Chinese descendants from countries along “Belt and Road”. This will surely lay a good foundation for out school to carry out international education for countries along “One Belt and One Road”.


taking their children, to make their children feel our strong motherland. Their children said loudly, "I am Chinese.” At that moment, we felt the delegation of Beijing Education Seminar is just like national aircraft carrier to foreign countries, showing our great country’s education and diplomacy, and joining hands with other countries in the win-win and all-inclusive attitude to more forward steadily!

On Oct.24, the 2nd stop, seminar in Romania was held. Mr. Deng Liming, Education Group of Chinese Embassy in Romania, and Ms. Catuta Francisca, responsible person of Romanian Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Andrei Vighenciu, head of the 6th section of Bucharest as well as more than 300 persons, including local high school leaders, young students, overseas Chinese, attended the seminar.


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