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BFA-KAFA cinematography workshop successfully held in Korea

October 25-31, a cinematography workshop between BFA and Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) was successfully held on the campus of KAFA in Korea after its first session held at BFA in 2014.

Students of both schools are discussing about shooting options.

This workshop was about how learn cinematography using R.E.D.S technology. Six cinematography students from each school shot short films in two-person groups. It is worth noting that three of BFA students were international students from the English-language filmmaking program of the department of cinematography. Cinematography students from many countries worked together in two-person groups, each group completing shooting assignments comprising six topics and four shots within a specified timeframe using given shooting equipment.

Students of BFA and KAFA are discussing on the scene.

Onsite shooting session

In the shooting process, Korean teacher Lee Dooman and Chinese teacher He Qing provided specific guidance to students. Lee Dooman believes that the basic cinematographic skills will never become outdated no matter how cinematographic technology evolves, adding that students are supported to be good time managers, which is the basic requirement for becoming a great cinematographer. Teacher He Qing commented on the works of participating students, pointed out some minor problems with the shooting session and encouraged students to use existing cinematographic technology in a creative manner.

Teacher Lee Dooman is guiding students.

Teacher He Qing is guiding students.

After post production processes including D.I. process, short films produced by students were screened at KAFA. Surprised by the high-quality short films produced within such a short timeframe, KAFA President Yu Youngsik gave inspiring comments on these works, expecting all students to have take away from this workshop.

KAFA President Yu Youngsik is making comments.

With the one-week workshop coming to the end, students from both schools not only gained practical shooting experience but also deepened their friendship. Both sides agreed to continue the workshop and seek more substantial exchange in the field of film education.

Workshop participants are taking group photos on the scene.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …