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On the afternoon of April 18, 2017, the International School and Department of Directing of BFA held a short welcome party for two exchange students from La Fémis. Yang Lin and Guo Jingfeng – teachers of the Department of Directing, Sun Xin – Dean of the International School and Liu Beibei, Xue Liping and Luo Desai – teachers of the International School attended this event. Besides, the students of the Department of Directing and Department of Film Studies and the international students of the International School of BFA also took an active part in it.

The two exchange students Thomas and Youssef from France first introduced themselves and expressed their thanks to BFA for the receiption. As newcomers to China, both of them were courious about and keenly interested in the Chinese culture. Ms. Yang Lin encouraged them to go and look around apart from learning shooting. Then, the teachers and students present introduced themselves one by one. And the students of the Department of Directing had a preliminary discussion with the two exchange students about the cooperative shooting in the next few weeks. All people present talked harmoniously and happily.

Wish this exchange a completion success!


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