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From November 8th to 11th, College of International Exchange of Beijing Film Academy organized the students and teachers to visit Datong, Shanxi for a 4-day cultural visit.

In the afternoon of November 8th, the students visited Nine Dragon Wall and antique street. Datong Nine Dragon Wall, built in Ming Dynasty, was superior to Beijing Nine Dragon Wall in scale. Datong Nine Dragon Wall has a more primitive shape, which left a deep impression on the foreign students.

In the morning of November 9th, the students visited Datong Museum of History, to understand the historical origin of Datong. Northern Wei Dynasty built its capital in Datong, which left a rich historical heritage to the Chinese nation.

In the afternoon of November 9th, we visited the world cultural heritage Yungang Grottoes. Yungang Grottoes built in Northern Wei Dynasty, where the statues of  buddha are built in all dynasties, is known as treasure of Chinese ancient sculptures. During the visit, the students took pictures, and made records from time to time, and all the teachers and students took a group picture before the Buddha statue.

After visiting the ancient sculpture art, we arranged the students to visit China Sculpture Art Museum representing the achievements of contemporary Chinese sculpture. The students had strong interest in these sculptures, and asked the origin and connotation of these works from time to time.

In the morning of 11th, the students came to visit the wall of Datong Ancient City Wall. The current Ancient City Wall was rebuilt on the basis of Ming Dynasty. It has particular interest in standing on the ancient city wall overlooking modern buildings in the distance.

Datong, originally known as the "coal city", has become heavily reliant on energy industry, and air pollution is serious. After the urban development planning, Datong paid more attention to the protection of history and culture. After the opening of high-speed rail, Datong will usher in new development opportunities. Datong’s change made the students keenly feel China’s rapid development and reform and opening up creating opportunities for ordinary people. Cultural investigation activities,  authentic and instructive, are popular with the foreign students. All the students expressed the willingness of going around to other places. At all times and in all countries, we are on the way.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …