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On June 29, the Chinese Language Training Class of the International School of BFA held the 2016-2017 Closing Ceremony at Classroom 113 of Building C, which was presided over by Liu Beibei –a teacher of the Chinese Teaching and Research Office of the International School. Li Ran – Dean of the International School, as well as all the Chinese teachers for foreigners and Chinese language students, attended the ceremony.

At the beginning, a video recording all the international students and teachers moved everybody. This video records various activities the International School had held for the international students since September, 2016, such as watching the Peking Opera, appreciating the performances, tasting the stall tea and visiting the Great Wall. In the video, all the students participated in the sports meeting and arts examinations together. All these contents moved all the students present at the ceremony. After this, the international students and teachers performed the programs they prepared carefully, including performance of Chinese Kungfu, playing of short documentary films and presentation of film proposal. Some teachers and international students performed the dances full of exotic charm, and all sang the song The Girl Next Door. After every program was finished, the audience applauded warmly.

At last, according to the academic performance of every student, five students in this Chinese Language Training Class won the excellent achievement awards. Every winner got the certificate and prize. It is worth mentioning that 8 students in this Chinese Language Training Class were admitted to the majors related to film studies of BFA, involving literature, animation, film directing, cinematography, picture photography and film art design, and they studied for the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctor’s degree. Li Ran – Dean of the International School issued the letter of admission to them, and encouraged them to work hard continuously in the new schools and departments and cherish the school days in BFA.

The closing ceremony ended, and a group photo was taken at the main entrance of BFA. Today, it is a day of saying goodbye, but for them in China, it is a new start to use the Chinese knowledge they learned here.

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