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From April 14 to April 16, the International School of BFA organizes some international students and teachers to make a cultural survey in Hebei. 

On the early morning of April 14, the international students departed from BFA and went to the first destination - Badaling Great Wall. This was the first time that many international students had visited the Great Wall, and they said visiting the Great Wall had always been their dream. The magnificent momentum of the Great Wall left a deep impression on them. 

On April 15, they visited Nuanquan Ancient Town in Yu County, Hebei. Yu County, known as Shanggu or Yu County in ancient times, was an important frontier stronghold in ancient times, and also the only way for the merchants to leave for the west in ancient times. Therefore, the frontier culture here is unique. Nuanquan Ancient Town well preserves the historical style and features then, so it is a good place for the international students to deeply learn the frontier culture of North China. 

The buildings here have a history of several hundred years, and some scenes of some films and television plays were shot in Nuanquan Ancient Town. So, this is a rare learning opportunities for the international students studying film. Then, the international students appreciated the large artistic performance The First Fort in the World. The organic integration of the traditional folk culture and modern artistic performance, especially the “Dashuhua” performance, was very excellent. All the international students were shocked. 

On April 16, before returning to Beijing, we passed by Xuanhua, a small town in North China. The international students visited Xunhua Museum to learn the history and culture of this place. Besides, the international students communicated with the common people in the local park in a harmonious atmosphere. 

This activity makes the international students deeply feel the extensive and profound Chinese culture, and also makes them feel the convenience from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration strategy. In the future, the International School will organize more similar activities and try to organically integrate the classroom teaching and cultural experience. 

International School of BFA

Next, the International School of BFA will, together with other relevant departments of BFA, live up to the expectations of the State and try to carry out this program, to make the film educational exchanges among the BRICS countries go up to a new stage and set up a new bridge for the cultural and educational exchanges among the BRICS countries.




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