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On September 12, 2016, International School of BFA held 2016 international student Mid-Autumn Festival tea party and new student reception.


The international students are listening carefully.


Because many international students came to China for the first time, two international student presenters first introduced the knowledge and customs related to Mid-Autumn Festival and the content of this reception. Then, Professor Sun Xin – Dean of International School gave a speech, welcoming all the international students learning in BFA and wishing them succeed in a special field of study. Ms. Mi Jing and Mr. Li Jin – Assistant Deans of International School introduced the work they were responsible for from their own perspectives and wished that every international student could gain knowledge and pleasure in BFA.


Professor Sun Xin - Dean of International School is giving a speech.


Ms. Mi Jing – Assistant Dean of International School is giving a speech.


Mr. Li Jin – Assistant Dean of International School is giving a speech.


Afterwards, SIN KWANG HYOK, a Grade 2016 undergraduate of Animation School from North Korea shared his life of studying in China with other international students present in combination with his experience of learning Chinese and becoming an undergraduate in BFA. LI BRIANNE YUAN BING, a 2016 undergraduate of Performing Arts School from Canada, with “Why Do I Choose BFA” as the topic, reviewed all aspects of the links, such as self-preparation, registering for examination, taking the examination and admission, and she also encouraged all the international students to cherish the hard-earned opportunity and be good students.


SIN KWANG HYOK, the Grade 2016 undergraduate, is giving a speech.


LI BRIANNE YUAN BING, the Grade 2016 undergraduate, is giving a speech.


Mr. Li, a policeman of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Entry-Exit Administration, gave a fascinating lecture of legal publicity and safety education. Mr. Li reminded every international student to pay attention to their passports and visas, pay attention to traffic safety when going out and observe the relevant Chinese laws, and hoped that they could have a good memory of their life of studying in China.


Mr. Li, the policeman of Entry-Exit Administration, is publicizing the legal knowledge.


At last, all the international students stood up and introduced themselves. In this way, the international students from different places became familiar with each other and started their life of studying in BFA.


The international students introduce themselves.


According to the statistics, 147 international students from 47 countries and religions came to study in BFA in 2016 autumn semester, including 106 degree students and 41 non-degree students.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …