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International School had activities of “eating Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding) for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival” for overseas students.

On June 20 and Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, International School, Beijing Film Academy had activities of “eating Zongzi for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival” for overseas students living at school.

In the morning, staff of overseas student apartment made Zongzi for the students. Many overseas students came to public kitchen to taste Zongzi. Some of them said it’s the first time for them to eat Zongzi in China and it tastes good. With the cultural knowledge they learnt in Chinese class, they had a new awareness of Chinese traditional festivals. They took this opportunity to know how to make Zongzi and would like to send some to their relatives and friends.

Finally, the activities which are both a lively education course and a beneficial attempt for making overseas students closer to China came to an end with cheers and laughter.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …