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On June 27th, the “Art Theory Workshop” jointly held by BFA, Peking University and Cornell University was successfully concluded at Peking University.

   Rose Golden, Dean of Department of Humanities, and a professor of comparative literature, Timothy Murray, curator of New Media Art Archive, Amy Villarejo, a professor from Department of Performance and Media Arts, and Renate Ferro, a cross-media conceptual artist, all from Cornell University, served as the special directing professors of this workshop, giving a lecture course for more than 60 students from universities, research institutions and arts organizations across China. More than 30 graduates and doctoral students from such department of BFA as Department of Chinese Film Culture Studies, Animation School, and Education Center took an active part in the course.

   Three lecture topics of this workshop are respectively “Technology, aesthetics and poetry in Heidegger's thought”, “Feminism and creation of contemporary female artists”, and “New media and concept innovation of contemporary art”. Talking about the focus of the workshop, Prof. Villarejo from Cornell University said,“ We have been trying to foster a dialogue between artists and theorists, and this workshop is a good opportunity to bring art theory and practice together, and to promote interdisciplinary and cross-background communication.” Prof. Murray also shared his views on the art workshop: “We are able to complete the exciting workshop communication in a relaxing atmosphere, and students from different backgrounds can think, speak and inspire each other in communication and dialogues, thereby generating a new understanding of cutting-edge issues in the field of art. That’s what makes the workshop so different from classroom teaching”.

   In addition to lectures, the workshop also set up “intensive reading and discussion of the original texts“, “artists’ exchange and sharing”, “museum visit” and other learning units. Artists invited to participate in the exchanges include Xiao Lu, Zhang Fangbai, Zhu Jiong, etc. They shared something with students on topics such as art and technology, new media concepts and skills, combined with their own creation. The workshop also visited Today Art Museum and Zhuzhong Art Museum. With the thinking of “anthropocene”, “ecological aesthetics” and many other cutting-edge issues about art, the special professors and students completed the observation and follow-up discussion together.

   On the afternoon of June 27th, Timothy Murray, Amy Villarejo, and Renate Ferro, accompanied by Liu Chen, Deputy Dean of School of Art, Peking University, visited our university on an academic purpose. A forum between teachers from Cornell University and Peking University, and the faculty and students from Department of Chinese Film Culture Studies was held. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Wu Guanping, Executive Dean of Department of Chinese Film Culture Studies. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the theoretical topics of film and art, and exchanged views on such disciplinary development issues as academic cooperation, and talent training and exchange. After the forum, the teachers from Cornell University and Peking University were led by the faculty and students of Department of Chinese Film Culture Studies to visit “Advanced Skills - Teaching and Research Pre-graduation Innovation Exhibition” of Department of Film and TV Technology held in the Standard Screening Room, and The Exhibition of Outstanding Works by 2019 Graduates from Department of Arts held in Building C, and they sincerely appreciated the educational innovation made by BFA in the combination of technology and art.

   This workshop is an important part of the construction of “Advanced disciplines (BFA - Art Theory) in universities in Beijing, and one of the cooperative projects of “Co-construction of BFA and Peking University”. The workshop invited internationally renowned scholars and experts, and recruited young scholars who are active in the art related fields at home and abroad, getting them to jointly complete a short course of rich theoretical and practical training, so as to enrich the connotation of “talent training” of the art theory disciplines of BFA and improve the social service level and academic influence of our disciplines.



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