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The first Beijing Film Academy Art Forum was held in Beijing between November 10 and November 20, 2016. The forum was hosted by Beijing Film Academy and co-organized by Beijing Film Academy Chinese Film Culture Research Institute, Graduate School and Chinese Literary Criticism Base (Beijing Film Academy). The theme of this forum was "Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism". The forum closely discussed the problems of contemporary art research and explored the topic of art research, development direction and potential growth point of the discipline from the perspectives of art, aesthetics and cultural studies.

Chairman of Academy Council, Professor HouGuangming delivered the opening speech

Professor HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy council attended the forum and delivered an opening speech. Zhang Jian, deputy party secretary, Professor HouKeming, vice director of academic committee and convener of art discipline construction expert team, doctoral adviser, Professor Huang Yingxia, dean of Graduate School, Professor Wu Guanping, executive chancellor of China Film Culture Research Institute and dean of Department of Film Studies, Professor Liu Jun of scientific research section, AoRili, dean of Fine Arts School, and other leaderships and experts attended the forum.

Participating leaders and experts (from left to right: Liu Jun, HouKeming, Huang Yingxia, HouGuangming, Zhang Jian)

Professor HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy council, said at the opening ceremony: "Beijing Film Academy holds the first art forum for rapid development of technology, continued updates of technology and media, new art phenomena and problems in reforms and transitions. Faced with these realities and problems, art workers and researchers should present keen and accurate interpretation and response and provide the current Chinese art production with a steady stream of new driving force. Art theory and criticism is now the most urgent task of the intelligentsia.

More than ten theorists and critics including Wang Yichuan and Li Yang Peking University, Gao Jianping from Academy of Social Sciences, Huang Mingfen from Xiamen University, Li Xinfeng from Art Research Institute, Wu Qiong from Renmin University of China, Shi Xusheng from Communication University of China, ZhongJin from East China Normal University, LvXinyu and Xia Yanjing from Nanjing University of the Arts, Li Meng from Southwest University, JinDanyuan from Shanghai University participated in the forum and delivered a keynote speech. The forum also invited dozens of scholars and professors from 40 colleges including Nanjing University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Communication University of China, Xiamen University, and Nanjing University of the Arts, to participate in the academic activities.

Professor Wang Yichuan delivered a speech

After the opening ceremony, the forum entered the keynote speech session. Professor Wang Yichuan made a speech entitled "Art Theory for Contemporary Film and Television Trend", which focused on the issue of film and television trend and made new thinking and research on how art theory should deal with the current problems. Professor GaoJianping focused on the theme of "Artistic Reconstruction under the Challenge of Popular Culture" and explored the multiple possibilities of art reconstruction under the challenge of popular culture. Professor Huang Mingfen from Xiamen University, Professor Xia Yanjing from Nanjing University of the Arts and Professor Shi Xusheng from Communication University of China respectively gave lectures titled "Pokemon: New Media and Change of Art Form", "Contemporary Art: An Overview of Crisis Based on the Concept",and "On Various Artistic System Issues of Contemporary China". Professors and experts put forward a lot of unique views on their own research fields, and made academic thinking on the serious problems of modernity and localization of art theory. After the keynote speeches, the academic atmosphere of the venue rose, the participants expressed their views on the differences of the academic points, and brought the atmosphere of the forum to a climax.

The closing ceremony of the forum was chaired by Professor Wu Guanping and the closing speech was delivered by Zhang Jian, vice party secretary. Zhang Jian, the deputy party secretary, said: "The national art forum hosted by Beijing Film Academy is of great significance. Relying on the advantageous resources accumulated in film education and academic field, we rise abruptly based on accumulated strength, and open up a new research vision. The researchers should closely fit the current realistic situation for art production, be problem - oriented, and constantly expand the width and depth of our study.

The forum consisted of five sub-forums: "Image Theory and Art Criticism", "Concept and Practice of Image Art", "Aesthetic Care of Contemporary Art", "Artistic Media Renewal and Language Transformation" and "New Academic Film Practice under Chinese Art Context". The setting of those sub-topics took in consideration cross-media and all media, and cast the dream of super internationalization with an integrated force in the name of art. With brand new sensory experience, it constantly impacted the consumer market and the daily life area. On the other hand, the significance expression path based on watching and media style with visual language as the core still occupied the central location of the site (specifically serious art). Based those two points, the forum discussed in multiple fields of art, aesthetics, and cultural studies, it pointed out the way forward for the development of art discipline, especially visual arts.

The forum also gave a detailed discussion on the theory of image, image art, art aesthetics, art media and language. The forum also had a special module: "New Academic Film Practice in Chinese Art Context". The forum reaffirmed the concept of "New Chinese Academism of Film", providing a theoretical guide for the practice and development of Chinese films.

The first Beijing Film Academy Art Forum received good social feedbacks. Beijing Film Academy would strive to make academy a platform with a wide range of social influence and academic influence in the field of art studies through this kind of continuous academic art activities.

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