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During November 5-6, 2016, “the 3rd Film Education International Forum” sponsored by BFA China Film Education Research Center and undertaken by China Aizi Movie and Television Education Council and Future Image High-grade, Precise and Advanced Creation Center was held in our school. More than 80 scholars from domestic and overseas universities such as Peking University, BFA, Shanghai University, and University of Amsterdam, as well as more than 120 presidents of primary schools and middle schools and leaders of Education Bureau nationwide gathered together to discuss the theme “film education under new technological conditions”.

In the morning of November 5, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in the academic report room of the new library of our school. The activity was hosted by Researcher Liu Jun, Director of Chinese Film Education Research Center. Professor Hou Guangming, Chairman of Academy Council, presented at the opening ceremony of the forum. Chairman Hou briefly reviewed the previous two forums and considered that the theme of the forum corresponded with film development necessity and also satisfied present education request. He also emphasized the important function of film as aesthetic education and called the education workers to cooperate and make greater contributions to film education.

Chairman Hou Guangming’s Address of BFA

Domestic and overseas seven experts and scholars gave speeches in regards to the forum theme. Professor Wang Zhimin, Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University, proposed some problems in the revolution of Chinese film education in consideration of his years of teaching experience and pointed out the feasible ways. President Wang Yichuan of School of Arts Peking University then comprehensively analyzed the status quo of the film and television colleges opened in comprehensive universities and proposed development way different from professional universities. Professor Florine Wiebenga of University of Amsterdam introduced the film education status quo of Netherland via network video and proposed feasible implementation ways to film teaching and teaching inside and outside university of different levels.

In addition, President Wang Jianguo of Communication University of Shanxi, Professor Niew Wei of Shanghai University, Teacher Xiao Xi of Northeast Normal University and Professor Li Long of Inner Mongolia Normal University have respectively gave speeches in different aspects of domestic and overseas film education status quo, idea of local media colleges and film technological education, etc.

Researcher Liu Jun of China Film Education Research Center Hosted Theme Speech Round

Professor Wang Zhimin of Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University Gave Theme Speech

President Wang Yichuan of School of Arts Peking University Gave Theme Speech

After theme speeches, Professor Wang Chunshui of Future Image High-grade, Precise and Advanced Creation Center hosted “High-tech Prospect of Film Education” Theme Saloon. Professor Wang Ye of Communication University of China, Deputy Professor Chen Jun of BFA and Teacher Chen Yezi of Central Academy of Fine Arts together discussed the future development trend of image technologies such as VR, AI and interactive media.

Deputy Professor Wang Chunshui of Future Image High-grade,Precise and Advanced Creation Center Hosted “High-grade, Precise and Advanced” Saloon

The sub-forum held in the afternoon of November 5 consisted of four plates, namely “Image Technology and Humanity Questions”, “Domestic and Overseas Film Education under New Technology”, “Film Education Technology History” and “Image Qualities Education under Technological View” and dozens of teachers who joined in the forum have gave splendid opinions in regards to respective themes.


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Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
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