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In memory of the 20thanniversary of the foundation of BFA Photography School, “Famous Photographers’ Academic Lecture Series Activities” are carried out intensively.

In the afternoon of October 18, Photography School specially invited the world well-known Czechic photography master Tono Stano to give lecture in our school and share the stories behind the creations of the master, becoming the opening program of the activity. Tang Dongping, Chairman of the Party Branch directly under Photography School, hosted the activity and presented golden word school brand to Mr.Tono Stano on behalf of Photography School. Teacher Zhu Jiong of the School presented at the lecture, too.

Stano is well known for shooting human body, especially woman body. The graceful woman’s body shown in unconventional form inSenseshot by Stano in 1992 is impressive. Sense was once selected as the cover of the famous photography worksThe Body: Photographs of the Human Formof the international famous photography scholar William A.Ewing and was once embezzled on the poster and DVD cover ofShowgirls, a MGM film. And therefore, Tono Stano and hisSenserose to fame overnight worldwide.

In the photography lecture, Mr. Stano shared with us his tentative photography works in his early student times, human body photography of extremely simple style in mature times, subversive human body photography inWhite Shadowseries started in 1991 that was similar to both positive and negative photography,Portraitseries consisting of international big stars and some street photography in China.

Through the works of different styles in different times, we from time to time appreciated the master’s flash creative idea of genius and outstanding and excellent expression method and were filled with admiration to his photography attitude that attempted to break the tradition and find a new path. Stano himself also expressed that he usually tried different creative methods in order to create some new objects instead of repeating others’ works.

The students all praised the master’s lecture and also expressed own opinions and doubts. In allusion to the problem whether the human photography should be implicit or open, Stano has own thought. He said: we should treat sex as a kind of artistic beauty instead of hiding it or uplifting it.

At the end of the activity, Stano provided several advices to the students who learnt photography: the most important basis was to know yourself, consider who you are, what did you want from the photography and what kind of creation may be much attractive to you instead of blindly imitating others’ works; please created personal things.

Such lecture let us benefit a lot, also corrected some immature thoughts of the students generated when learning photography and encouraged the students to tamp the basis and insist on creation continually. Like what Chairman Tang Dongping concluded at last: “in photography study, you should not only consider taking a shortcut but find a new path.”

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …