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Recently, the guests of 2016 “Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Symposium” went to Beijing Film Academy have an informal discussion. Accompanied by the leaders and teachers of International School and Youth Film Studio , the research distinguished guests visited the various hardware facilities in BFA Film Studio, warehouse of Photographic Equipment, BFA Museum and Animation Academy and viewed and emulated the joint works by 2 students .

Under the leadership of Chen Liang, the Vice Plant Manager of Youth Film Studio, Zuo Yan and Luo Desai from International School, the guests came to the largest integrated photo studio. The film studio was built in 2014, with an area of 800 meters, which is used for practice and teaching of the teachers and students. The air conditioner is complete in the sound studio, and the 360 degree automatic rising-lowering lantern support and green screen are for the conventional shooting and special effects. In addition to the creative work by the teachers and students, a large-scale opera named "White-Haired Girl" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture with Peng Liyuan as the art director was also recorded and shot here in 2015. Then guests visited the dressing room, costume shop and 400-square meter studio assorted to the studio and the amusement bar of film and television for discussion and offering service. During a visit, the posters of films and television works created by students are exhibited, which are rich in content, and the guests of research and study from various countries praise them a lot. After visit of the studio, the film producers from various countries are deeply interested in the shooting auxiliary equipment such as the lamplight, track and recording in the base of photographic apparatus. They also discussed the brands, number and classification about the equipment.

Then, the guests came to the History Museum. Through the door, exclamation was drawn from the trophies won by students’ works on the wall, the excellent academic performance has been revealed from the greeting short films by the famous schoolfellows such as Zhang Yimou, Jia Zhangke and Chen Kaige. According to four themes of "budding, sailing, development and soar", Beijing Film Academy was introduced through the development track and historic evolution, successive leaders and stars as well as the shocking and glorious achievement from 1932 up to now.

After the end of visiting the History Museum, the guests came to Animation School, and they respectively visited the multimedia data reading room, stop-motion animation studios and gaming laboratory. The guests closely felt the clay sculpture modeling and the online-game DEMO with the latest development in the earlier stage of shooting animation by students, experiencing the process of animation making education.

Later, the distinguished guests would come to the medium video hall to watch the screening of graduation works.Sun Xin, the Dean and Mi Jing, the Vice President of International School gave the welcoming remarks to the distinguished guest. The screening works named “Farewell” and “Kite” were the graduation joint works by students in 2015. The former one represents the complex psychology of laid-off middle-aged men and women, and the latter one expresses the practical reflection of missing the historic building through the special effects and the exquisite story line of characters. The implication is deep and the completeness is very high. After finishing shooting, a strong applause was returned.

In the exchange meeting after shooting, Chen Liang, Sun Xin and Mi Jing and Wang Bihe, the coordinator of the films and television programs for the International students respectively answered questions by distinguished guests from the United States, Germany, Russia, Nigeria, Slovakia and South Africa. The content of both sides is wide, including the issues of financial support of creation from Chinese and Foreign Academy, the marketing problems of works in the creation match by international students, the style trend of selection of subject matter by Chinese students and the similarities and differences of teaching system in the Chinese and Foreign Academy. Several teachers of Film Academy also gave response to the above various problems, which expressed the creative concept. They repeatedly expressed a positive view that they look forward to the communication of the films and television programs of international students in the future.

A valuable exchange opportunity has been offered as a cooperation in dubbed translation of the international movie and television in multiple parties.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …