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At noon on April 29th, 2016, outside the standard movie house of Beijing Film Academy, teachers and students stood like long lines of “one character” in the blazing sun to wait for a series of activities about the 3rd “Scriptwriter Lecture” in this semester——initiation of playing and exchange activity about“Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”. It was an opening film for the 6th Beijing International Film Festival that has just been completed, which was amazing in strength and brilliant in prestige. April 29th was the premiere day of the theater chain, combining with hot topics, which has made this activity concerned by many circles. The ticket was hard to buy and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.

At 2 p.m. sharp, the film was played on time. After more than 2 hours, the film was ended. With the warm applause of 800 audiences, Xue Xiaolu, the Director and Scriptwriter of“Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”and Professor of Department of Literature went up on the stage and communicated with Pan Ruojian, the Professor of Department of Literature about the production process of a film.

First of all, as for whether the title and content is consistent with this question, Director Xue Xiaolu answered as follows: for myself, this film is “Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”because “Beijing meets Seattle” has become a great IP, and the chief team and actors are the same staffs. Therefore, the name of “Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”has been given in publicity.

Then, Director Xue Xiaolu invited Jiao Huajing who participated in scriptwriter went up onto the platform to share the difficulties and experiences during a production process. Director Xue Xiaolu answered the following questions proposed by audiences in detail: the personal characters, relationship structure of characters, the way to actor's lines, the problems of macroscopical or wispy screenplay. As for the ancient poetry with strong “literary characteristic” in “Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”, Xue Xiaolu smiled and answered: it is a “willfulness” in creation. After a joke, he rationally analyzed how to balance between the personnel expression and business. I hope my story is of strong personal expression, and I also wish my view is accepted and shared.

In the end, with the enthusiastic requirement, thebox office of“Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”was reported in real time by Xue Xiaolu——from 12 noon on that day to the ending of activity, the box office reached 70 million including the accumulated ticket. (On the next day, according to the statistical data, the box office was totally 112 million on the premiere day. )

In this exchange activity, students know the difficulty of production process in scriptwriter, which is beneficial to us. If “ Finding Mr. Right” is an interpretation for “Light Comedy with Romantic Love” of Hollywood that is more mature in domestic market, “Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”is a narration of “Against Type” said by Xue Xiaolu. In an age of information, it is hard to write a love affair without meeting each other. These 2 lovers contacted each other in their life. Through the attitude and feeling of Director Xue Xiaolu, she sighed with emotion: during more than a dozen years, it is the most difficult writing in“Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love”to me.

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