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Youth Film Studio held the forum of “Sino-America Co-productions” and projection activity of Restless

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the requirement of public audiences on movie quality also improves to produce unprecedented demands. Therefore, the potential of domestic movie market is hard to be estimated. Actually, as a brand new attempt to follow the market trend, “co-production” not only mixes the international advanced technology and ideal, but also lets Chinese movies participate into the competition in international market.

Ms. An Xiaofen, the president of Desen International Media Co., Ltd. said that the cooperation in film between China and America has had earth-shaking changes. Since the last year, all the domestic companies started to seek cooperation with Hollywood in various ways, and try to improve the manufacturing level of Chinese movies with help of Hollywood and external channels. Mr. Xiao Peihuan, the president of Orb Media Group also expressed the similar thought as the representative of Orb Group. He hopes that all the people from both China and America can cooperate with each other, and wishes to meet excellent talents and projects to push Sino-American co-productions to a new future.

The forum plays a great orientation role in present Chinese movie market. It not only reviews the development process of Sino-American co-productions, but also analyses the current living situation of Sino-American co-productions in global market environment to follow the development demands in present Chinese movie market.

After the forum, Restless, the first Sino-American co-production released by Youth Film Studio was projected. The situ reaction was warm after finishing the movie projection. The producer Mr. Xiao Peihuan shared the creation experience in creating this movie with audiences. The figure setting and plot development in Restless are satisfied with Hollywood movies. Audiences all said that they had no appreciation gap with this movie which was exhibited 15 years ago overseas, and expected that this movie can be shown in China. Required by situ audiences, fan base of this movie was established after the activity. Everyone proposed their opinions about the official release of this movie in China. Mr. Xiao Peihuan also said that the official release had been on schedule, and hoped that this movie could be shown in China in the near future.

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