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BFA successfully held the academic exchange week of famous Korean director Ki-duk Kim

From April 13thto 19th, 2015, Beijing Film Academy successfully held the academic exchange week of famous Korean director Ki-duk Kim. This exchange week was jointly held by director school, international exchange school, and training center of our school, co-organized by Beijing Film Academy (Beijing) Training Center, and sponsored by Beijing Luanteng Star Media Co., Ltd.

This exchange week opened by projecting movies. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, Arirang, The Bow, 3-Iron, and other the most representative works of Director Ki-duk Kim in a decade from 2003 to 2014 at 18:00 on April 13th, 14th, and 15th. Therefore, the profound skill of Director Ki-duk Kim was displayed comprehensively to show the unique perspective of deeply torturing human nature in form of Kim-type violence aesthetics and make bedding for the face-to-face exchange with Director Kim.

On the afternoon of April 19th, Ki-duk Kim came to the standard video hall of Beijing Film Academy and had an academic exchange with teachers and students of our school and various “Kim fans”. The academic exchange activity was divided into three links, which were the review of excellent film 3-Iron, academic exchange, and forum of Fight Club.

By reviewing 3-Iron, one of the most representative films of Director Ki-duk Kim in audio and visual style, situ audiences started to think about the films of Director Ki-duk Kim.

The academic exchange was held by the famous director Professor Zheng Dongtian from director school of Beijing Film Academy. Unexpectedly, Director Ki-duk Kim shed silent tears facing with the first question about Arirang asked by Professor Zheng at the beginning of communication because of the confusion about the life and arts he felt in this movie. Professor Zheng and audiences couldn’t help to sigh that Director Kim is really a man with true disposition when seeing his natural revelation of the real feelings. In the communication link, Professor Zheng explored the creative thoughts of Director Ki-duk Kim by Q&A. Director Kim frankly said that no sub lens or play was used when creating Arirang. Because of the confusion about life and artistic creation, Director Kim lived in a suburb wooden house far away from the population in mountain, and sought for answers in suffering.Director Ki-duk Kim admitted that movies with individual style can only be made with the persistent pursuit to arts in heart, and he created such delicate and high-quality movies because of supports from fans in all over the world. He encouraged Chinese movie creators to follow the long for arts when creating movies.

Later, Chinese famous director, Mr. Feng Xiaoning andKorean director, Mr. Ki-duk Kim held the forum of Fight Club. They discussed subjects of movie itself, movie arts, movie technology, movie industry, movie education, etc. together, and analyzed the nature of movie through the phenomenon to improve the quality and inspire the operation method of Chinese movie. Two directors made a speech in subject that “if the movie should respect the market, or the director creation”. As excellent movie directors, they all thought that excellent movie should respect both market and director creation because excellent movies should not neglect audiences’ apetite and underestimate their appreciation level. In view of investors, two director thought that every director hopes that they can create movies representing director’s art view and giving consideration to both capital and arts. When facing choice of audiences, Director Feng and Director Kim thought that directors should try their best in movie shooting and frankly face audience choice. Two directors all encouraged Chinese movie creators to practice bravely and try to explore the movie shooting with individual style in the future.

At last, Mr. Zhang Fan, the director of Beijing Film Academy (Beijing) Training Center issued appointment letter to Director Ki-duk Kim and Director Feng Xiaoning to employ them as visiting professors of Beijing Film Academy (Beijing) Training Center to provide the first-rate guidance to students of Beijing Film Academy (Beijing) Training Center.

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