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Film Screening

Organized by Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and Beijing Film Academy Department of Directing, the art lecture sponsored by the Department of Directing Director given by Seung-wan Ryoo was held on December 1 at the standard video hall of BFA. The activity saw a packed auditorium. After the more than two-hour-long film of Battleship Island, director Seung-wan Ryoo and Mrs.Chang, representative of the manufacturing company shared ideas with the audience. The audience asked questions about filming, behind-the-scene manufacturing and ideas of the director. The activity was presided over by A Lang, Chief Editor of Movie View. Mijin Kim, Chief Delegate of China Representative Office of KOFIC also shared ideas.


The film Battleship Island was adapted from a true event in the history. “Battleship Island” in the film, also called Hashima, is an island in Nagasaki, Japan. As the island resembles a battleship, it is also known as “Battleship Island”. In 1810, coal resources were discovered on the island and mining started in 1890. In the 1960s, oil replaced coal and became Japan's major energy source. In 1974, the coal mines in the island were closed and all aborigines on the island were evacuated. The island saw its decline. In 2015, the Japanese government declared the island as a "Meiji Industrial Revolution site”. However, during World War II, the Japanese government forced Chinese and South Korean workers to mine on the island. Many workers were tortured and enslaved. The film was adapted from this little-known history.


The compere asked the director questions about source of inspiration, lens design, music selection and performance. The director thought that, under extreme pain, his behaviors and choices embodied human nature and that was how the film Battleship Island originated. Later, the audience exchanged ideas with the director. Taking himself as an example, the director encouraged filming students to create in a dauntless and enthusiastic manner.


The audience was able to take advantage of the exchange. The activity came to an end successfully.

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Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …