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The Third Sound School Award for Colleges and Universities in China (the “School Award”) was held from November 18 to 20, 2017 at Beijing Film Academy. Sponsored by China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and China Association of Recording engineers, organized by Sound School of Beijing Film Academy, the “School Award” and teaching exchanges among sound students at Colleges and Universities in China saw partnership of two leading associations in the field for the first time, and put “School Award” to new heights. Sun Lijun, Vice President of Beijing Film Academy, Jing Fuli, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Wang Hongmin, Chairman of China Association of Recording engineers attended the opening ceremony which was presided over by Tong Lei, Dean of Sound School. The activity received response and support from more than 40 universities and 4 organizations in the domain across the country. More than 220 attending experts, judges, representatives from teachers and students and industrial professionals attended the activity. It was a grand gala of sound elites nationwide.


The "School Award" received a total of 112 entries from nearly 30 universities across the country, including 21 dramas and documentaries, 27 cartoons and creative short films, 37 music products and 27 multi-track products. The Sound School won the grand slam in films and television programs. The School saw two first prize winners and two second prize winner in aspects of dramas and documentaries, two first prize winners and one second prize winner in terms of animation and creative videos; in terms of musics, the School improved significantly compared to years before, from the aesthetic and technical viewpoints, and from the perspectives of aesthetic explanation and final presentation. It saw three second prize winners in terms of production, and two second prize winners and two third prize winners in multi-track productions. Besides, Sound School developed the new through critical assimilation of the old. It was the first to deliver the only VR entry, and won the special award for new technology and practice. Zhen Zhao, Zheng Jiaqing, Shi Baofeng, Yu Xiao, Tong Lei, Cheng Liang, Wu Hao, Lou Wei, Zhang Jia won outstanding tutors.


During the activity, 7 lectures given by professionals in the field, such as Introduction to AoLP Network Audio Technology, Explanation to Chinese and American Film Music Production Process and The True Sound and 4 student-based workshop activities such as Application of Sound in Stories in Commercial Films & The Future of Video Sound by Young Mixers, Romantic Sounds, What We Don’t Know in Original TV Musics got warm welcomes.


Organizers, expert reviewers and sound teachers across the nation, organized a sound teaching practice seminar. The seminar discussed fully the teaching practice and professional orientation for recording students, summarized the entries of the Third Sound Academy Awards, and discussed in depth the process standards of the Sound School Award and the scientificity of the awards. Participants agreed that universities and colleges would see rise in video sound in China. Sound School Award is set to speed up the exchanges and cooperation among sound colleges and universities and to improve the quality of teaching practice. With the award of "Sound School Award", the sound teaching will be promoted as a whole.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …