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From November 26 to 27, with the strong support and help of Youth Film Studio and International School, Beijing Youth Film Festival successfully held two panoramas at the video hall of Beijing Film Academy.


At 18:30 of November 26, the film Good Morning Princess which was nominated for the Beijing Youth Film Festival was filmed at the Beijing Film Academy. The producer, director, starring, audience and media attended the activity. The film tells a motivational story of a disabled girl braving her dreams. The film was shot in Taiwan and was made well. After that, the creators and audiences shared the viewing experience and exchanged filming experiences.

At 18:00 of November 27, the screenwriter and director of the film Relocation screen-written and directed by Professor Huang Dan, Director of Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies at Beijing Film Academy was filmed at the video hall of BFA as one of videos of Beijing Youth Film Festival. Director Huang Dan and other creators come to the scene, and shared ideas with audience after the filming. The film depicts the dilemma of three generations who live together in the face of their new home. It reflects the vicissitudes of both family and the times. After the filming, students were actively involved in sharing ideas with creators.


Wang Dongliang, Executive Secretary of Beijing Youth Film Festival Introduced Beijing Youth Film Festival after the screening. It was the fourth festival. The festival is partly set to build a platform for all young film talents to showcase their work. He hoped to attract more young directors and excellent films to attend the exhibition in the future and invited teachers and students at BFA to attend the closing ceremony of the Beijing Youth Film Festival on November 30.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
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Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …