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At 18:00, November 11, the fifth "Student Director Award" awarding ceremony was held in the academy’s standard video hall. Some graduate representatives, teachers of Department of Performing Arts and specially invited guests attended the event. academy leaders including HouGuangming, Chairman of Academy Council, Wang Hongmin, Vice Chairman, Yu Jianhong, vice President, Zhang Jian, Vice Chairman, leaders and teachers from various departments and schools participated in this event.

HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy Council delivered a speech first and he said that teachers and students continued to grow in the previous five years since when the student director award was held and many surprising memories were left, then Hou wished the award a good future. Wang Rui, director of Department of Directing gave a speech. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all parties that supported student director award. This year marked the 60thanniversary of the establishment of the Department of Directing. The efforts and struggles in the sixty years constituted the glorious history of the department.

Wang Rui thanked the predecessors who contributed to the construction and development of the department and paid the highest respect for teachers who worked hard to cultivate students of the department. He said the current leadership of the department would continue with the past and open up the future, lead the faculty to write the chapter of the department and cultivate more excellent film talents for the county. Then director Wang Rui thanked the leadership of the academy for their great support for the Department of Directing, expanded the department’s teaching space, improved office conditions, strengthened the department’s infrastructures, and laid a good foundation for future development of the department.

Director Lu Xiaoya, an alumna who graduated in 1976 and Jiang Shixiong, a retired teacher also delivered a speech to contribute to the 60th anniversary of the Department of Directing. Director Lu Xiaoya hoped that the department could maintain a fine tradition. She added, students would regard the alma mater a sacred art palace, and they, after graduation, would adhere to their pure art dreams and stay true to the mission.

Starting from his study experience in the Department of Directing, Jiang Shixiong mentioned how the old teachers of the department cared their students. She mentioned the assistance given by Yu Xuewei in difficult times. In the era of material scarcity, the teacher bought meat with the only meat ticket she had to ensure their nourishment. That was how teachers from the Department of Directing loved their students, and the tradition would be inherited and carried forward from generation to generation.

To thank those old teachers who worked hard all their life in the Department of Directing and dedicated to their students, "Student Director Award" specifically set up a special "Director Award". Professor Zhan Xiangchi won the honor. Mr. Zhan taught in the director department from 1965 to 2000. His main courses included: "Movie Production", "Audio-visual Language" and "Director's Creation". Zhan served as the director teacher of the 1987 undergraduate class and the tutor of 1993 master class. He cultivated a number of outstanding graduates, including Jiang Wei and QiaoLiang,both are teachers of the academy. Jiang Wei introduced the situation of award-winning teachers, and then Mr. HouGuangming issued the award.

The event also set up a "Director Department Special Honor Award" to recognize and thank the professional actors involved in our work creation and gave students selfless help. The award was presented to seven professional actors, who were: Wang Deshun, Ai Liya, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Yan, Yan Bingyan, Yu Ailei, and Dong Xiangrong. Professor Huang Yingxia, dean of Graduate School, Professor Hu Qiang, dean of Dean's Office and Professor Zhang Hui, dean of School of Performing Arts, presented trophies and certificates to several actors.

A total of more than 10 films, including works by undergraduates and graduate students of Department of Directing, and graduation works of graduates of courses for advanced studies, were awarded. In the following shortlisted works awarding link, several awards including the best short film award, the best feature film, five sponsorship awards and three invited jury awards established pursuant to the three-track evaluation principle were set up.

First of all, according to the principle of carrying forward the fine tradition of Beijing Film Academy, advocating humanistic spirit, encouraging artistic innovation and cultivating a new generation of film talents, the teachers of the Department of Directing selected the best short film, the best feature film and excellent advisor and other awards.

Then, the five sponsorship companies selected five sponsorship awards. In order to promote the follow-up training of students after graduation and to set up a platform for the entry into the mainstream social creation, Department of Directing spared no effort and invited five film companies to participate in the selection of "student director award". The five companies scored the ten shortlisted films and elected five sponsorship awards.

The most exciting special jury award came finally. The film is called "the seventh art", and each independent art form draws on and evaluates each other. Therefore, the event invited experts from a number of art colleges and universities in Beijing to form an invited jury, and selected the top three short films after repeated discussions, and they were awarded the "special jury gold award", "special jury silver award" and "special jury special award".

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …