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2016 Golden Colt Cup World University Student Photography Exhibition jointly sponsored by the Chinese Photographers Association, Beijing Film Academy and Shangrao Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by Photography School of Beijing Film Academy, CPC Shangrao Municipal Publicity Department, Beijing Photography Correspondence College, Shangrao Normal College, Shangrao City Tourism Development Committee, China Photographers Association Education Committee and other units was held in Shangrao on the morning of December 17.

Song Mingchang, former member of party leadership group State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television, vice chairman of China Photography Copyright Association, HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy Council, Deng Wei, vice chairman of Chinese Photographers Association, director of education committee of Chinese Photographers Association, Wang Dajun, vice chairman of Chinese Photographers Association, Chen Xiaoping, vice director of Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee attended the exhibition, and Li Ruifeng, member of municipal standing committee presided over the opening ceremony, Ren Youqun, member of municipal standing committee, deputy mayor, attended and addressed. Liu Li, director of the art center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Sun Lijun, vice president of Beijing Film Academy, Sun Xin, vice secretary of Communist Youth League of Jiangxi Province and Wan Dongmei, vice chairman of Shangrao CPPCC were present at the exhibition.

Golden Colt Cup World University Student Photography Exhibition is one of national photographic art exhibitions and has been successfully held in Shangrao, Jiangxi, for two times and achieved very good results. As a platform for domestic and foreign university students for academic exchange, friendship enhancement, and demonstration of styles, its theme this time was "Beautiful Shangrao Embraces the World". Candidates used unique perspectives, vivid lens, and superb artistry and captured moment to show the innovation of contemporary college students in practicing photograph and discovering the beauty of the world.

 According to Song Jing, director of Photography School of Beijing Film Academy, one of organizers of this exhibition: the exhibition received a total of 14,293 works from 2249 contributors of 325 domestic colleges and universities, and there were also foreign participants from Limier Film School, Leipzig University, University of Sheffield, University of the Arts, and University of Novi Sad. Among the 14293 works, there were 7690 documentary contributions, 4940 artistic contributions, 1288 commercial contributions, 103 multimedia presentations and 272 contributions from Shangrao. The works demonstrated include geographical sceneries, human history, urban and rural development, people's lives, etc. With a high degree of contemporariness and ornamental value, the exhibition created a wide range of effects in domestic and foreign universities.

The exhibition, after carefully selection by the judges awarded 21 winners, 7 for each of 3 categories, namely documentary, art, and commerce for professional photography and 14 winners, 7 each respectively from documentary and art categories, were awarded for non-professional photography; 15 winners in total for dramas, documentaries, experience films were awarded for multimedia images. 10 best tutors were awarded, 20 winners were awarded for good perception of Shangrao, and 5 colleges were awarded for good organization. 

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Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …