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At 14pm in the afternoon of October 29, “Animation Academy Award” known as “Chinese Animation Short Film Oscar” sponsored by BFA was grandly and solemnly held in Great Hall of the People. Many relevant leaders and domestic and overseas animation experts and industrial staff presented at the site.

Animation Academy Award of BFA was professional animation award selection activity. It was created in 2001 and held once every year. The aim of the academy award was to encourage and promote animation creation with independent spirit and creation, continually dig and sufficiently exhibit the diversity of the animation as art, provide the opportunity of expressing self and mutual exchange for people who really loved animation art and promote the academic development in animation creation.

On the opening ceremony of the Animation Academy Award, it also published the launch of Encyclopedia of Animation Art—“Red Book” in Animation Circles edited by Professor Sun Lijun as chief editor, Deputy President of BFA and published by China Film Press. The book will be translated into many languages such as English, French and German and collected into the library by Language Institute of Université Paul Valéry: Montpellier III—BFA China Film Education Research (Europe) Center as the first animation education bible of China.

And declared that the 70th“Cannes Film Festival Sunny Media Pan-Asia Branch” jointly sponsored by China Dingxiang Taihe Culture Co., Ltd. and BFA China Film Education Research (Europe) Center started formally. Art works of Fan Beilu (written name) as the first Chinese artist were listed on the works auction list of the Charity Party.

The evaluation about him from European Art Magazine was that: “Fan Beilu’s works apply Chinese art paper and writing brush and combine western watercolor technology to organically unify western and eastern ideas into the painting and then further highlight the artistic features of the fashion cartoon. Through observation in daily life, the painter narrates life information with extremely simple method and unique art effect. He explores humanity and philosophical thought via the cartoon presentation and is the painter of extremely unique in Chinese modern art.”

We together look forward that Chinese trans-boundary art “walks out” and Chinese film education shows radiant splendor again on international stage and wish the 70th“Cannes Film Festival Sunny Media Pan-Asian Branch” succeeds completely!

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …