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Although the spectacular event of the 65th Anniversary of BFA & the 14th ISFVF conducted in October, 2015 doesn’t go far away, it is a new April now and the submission work of the 15th ISFVF starts. International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy (ISFVF) is the largest international student film festival of Asia with good reputation, a genuine film audio-visual feast and a cultural exchange event covering the whole world.

ISFVF is supported and sponsored by the International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT). Film and TV schools from over 50 countries and regions will submit their works to the festival each year and student maker from more than 30 countries and regions will be invited to attend the festival. Student makers whose works are selected for semifinalist will get opportunities to communicate with audience present. And other various activities, such as special screenings of the festival, academic seminars, academic exclusive interview of guests, directors’ class and visiting of places of interest in Beijing, will be conducted for people to experience cultural charm of each other.

The festival has various prizes including gold, silver and bronze awards, and grand award ceremony to give commendation to excellent creators. Activities of minor venues will be conducted in colleges and even secondary schools all over China to expand the influence. Moreover, many Chinese film and TV production companies will hunt for new talents through the platform.

ISFVF is in Beijing to send you an invitation that let’s meet each other in BFA this October to enjoy the carnival of young people all over the world.

Time for submission of work: April 15 to August 15, 2016

Please enter the website for more details.

Festival office telephone: 010-82041955

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …