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On October 25th, 2015 the closing ceremony of the 14th International Student Film and Video Festival (ISFVF) was held at the Cineplex of Beijing Film Academy.

This year, the ISFVF received 964 films from 57 countries. About 78 films were entered in the final contest and there was a clear improvement in this year’s overall quality. On the night of the 25th, members of the jury, guests, participating directors, volunteers and spectators all gathered in the Cineplex to witness the final night of the 14th ISFVF. Meanwhile, representatives of the German embassy, French embassy and Australian embassy along with ISFVF sponsor representatives attended the closing ceremony celebrating the success of the 14th ISFVF of BFA.

The International Awards included the Golden International Student Film Award, the Silver International Student Film Award and the Bronze International Student Film award. There were three prizes for the Outstanding International Student Film Awards: the Best Asian Student Film Award, the Best Chinese Student Film Award, and two Outstanding Chinese Student Film Awards, the Best Chinese Student Film Award and ten Audience Awards. It should also be mentioned that as a result of the deep cooperation reached between the festival and the Huayi New Media Technology Limited Company, a "HUAYI Bros. Special Award" was set up in ISFVF for the first time this year. 50% of the final scores were from the votes of teachers in BFA and other art schools in China and the other 50% came from anonymous voting from the audience. The awards were the average of these scores.

The most exciting moments of the ceremony were the announcements of the awards. First, ten Audience Awards were delivered by Prof. Wang Jing, Prof. Tong Lei, Associate Prof. Wu Guanping and Associate Prof. Su Zhigang. The winners were: Not At All (Germany), Beasts(Germany),Love (Bulgaria), The Father (Russia), Chicken Suit (U.S.A.), Man Without Fear (Italy), Natural Attraction(Germany), EDMOND (U.K.), Killing Time (Israel), Regain (Belgium).

The HUAYI Bros. Special Awards were won by Forgive (China) andThe Flame (Russia). The student directors who received this award did not only obtain financial rewards, but also the opportunity of cooperating with Huayi New Media Technology Limited Company, and to become members of "HUAYI reserve director talent pool".

The two films, Destiny and After Years won the Outstanding Chinese Student Film Awards. The Best Chinese Student Film Award winner wasFarewell, My Love, also from BFA.

Under the spotlight of the Cineplex, the outstanding volunteers went on stage and each received a certificate from ISFVF Executive Presidents Li Jin and Sun Xin. Like every year, volunteers were the most important and valuable elements in making ISFVF a success.

The Outstanding Asian Student Film was For Better, For Worse (Israel) and the Best Asian Student Film went to The Red Thread(China). The President of BFA Zhong Dafeng, President Ni Yuehong, President Otar Litanishvili from The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University attributed these awards to the directors.

The Outstanding International Student Film Awards attracted the most public attention. They were A Well Designed Plan (U.S.A.), A Daughter’s Debt (U.S.A.) and Repercussions (New Zealand). The prizes were awarded by the vice-President of BFA Sun Lijun.

The climax of the closing ceremony was the announcement of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Awards. Cherry Cake (Germany) received the Bronze International Student Film Award from Prof. Wang Liguang. The Flame (Russia) received the Silver International Student Film Award from Secretary of the Party Committee Hou Guangming. These two short films received excellent comments from the audience and they deserved these achievements without a doubt. Finally the most exciting moment arrived. The Way You Diewon the first prize and received the 14th ISFVF of BFA Golden International Student Film Award! This film is concise and comprehensive. With the cheers of the audience, Prof. Xie Fei delivered the award to the winning director.


After the ceremony, The Way You Die was shown again. Audiences enjoyed it a lot and gave a prolonged applause.

To the sound of the closing ceremony orchestra, the exciting and fruitful 14th ISFVF at BFA reached its conclusion.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …