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The award ceremony of the 3rd BFA Student Director Awards was at its end

On October 17, 2014 at 18:00, the award ceremony of the 3rd BFA Student Director Awards was held in Standard Video Hall of BFA. Well-known Li Shaohong and Xia Gang, Liu Yan, president of ESA Cultural Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Chen Zhen, a famous documentary director of CCTV, and famous professor Xie Fei and Zheng Dongtian attended this ceremony.Okuribitodirected by Yojiro Takita, a famous Japan director, won the Oscar Best Foreign Language Film, and as the committee president of this Director Awards, he and other committee members appeared in the stage.

At the same time, Zhang Huijun, President of BFA, Ni Yuehong, vice-President of BFA, Wang Hongmin, deputy secretary of BFA and other department leaders attended this ceremony.

Zhang Huijun, President of BFA, first made a speech, appraised teaching achievements of Department of Directing in recent years, and he thought Student Director Awards had become one of important brands of BFA, so, at the guidance of Director Awards, many excellent student works were discovered and promoted. Meanwhile, he expressed his thanks to companies and the enterprises supporting students’ creation from all walks of life.

After this, professor Wang Min, Dean of Department of Directing, gave a speech, and introduced that the theme of this Director Awards was to arrange excellent Graduation Works since 1978. Meanwhile, he expressed his sincere thanks to companies and the enterprises supporting Department of Directing and Director Awards. He specially invited professor Xie Xiaojing to come to stage in order to thanks his contribution of successfully shooting Graduation Works for ten years. Ten years ago, under promotion of professor Xie Xiaojing, tradition of Graduation Works was restored. Professor Xie Xiaojing elaborated significance that Graduation Works had on film teaching, appraised value of Graduation Works, and encouraged teachers of BFA to continuously do well in Graduation Works in accordance with education and teaching rules.3

This Director Awards was made up by 8 awards: Special Award of Department of Directing, the Best Graduation Works of Department of Directing, the Best Non-Drama Award of Department of Directing, Special Award of Special Judging Panel, Silver Award of Special Judging Panel, Gold Award of Special Judging Panel, Excellent Guide Teacher Award and Special Merit Award of Department of Directing. 68 works from undergraduate and graduate students of Department of Directing took part in this contest, and finally 12 story films and 4 non-story films were shortlisted.

Professor Zheng Dongtian finally made closing remarks of this Director Awards, and he compared present popular micro-films with student's professional videos. He thought that attitudes and feelings in Graduation Works and storytelling skill besides story itself in Graduation Works were fundamental basis for a director graduated from BFA as well as key points where student's professional videos differed from normal micro-films. Last, he used a moving metaphor that normal micro-films were wechat that we could mass texted while student's professional videos were love letters that we wrote with our hands and with our body temperature.

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Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …