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The 8th Cinerent Award and Award Party of Department of Cinematography was held

On May 23, 2013 graduates’ Photography Exhibition of Department of Cinematography came to its climax in the afternoon. Leaders, deans of various department and teachers of BFA, many outstanding film celebrities, and representatives of film industry were presented in this exhibition. The learning enthusiasm and artistic creativity shown in students’ works lived profound impression on people there.

At 6:00 PM, the Award Party of Golden Leopard Cinerent Award of the 8th Department of Cinematography Students’ Film Creation was held in Standard Video Hall of BFA. Professor Qi Shilong and Xie Fei, director Chen Guoxing, Ninghao and Li Yu, scriptwriter Su Xiaowei, photographer Zhao Fei, Zhao Xiaoding and Yang Shu, recordist Tao Jing, and other China celebrities of film industry attended in Standard Video Hall with all seats occupied and with warm atmosphere.

Leaders of BFA presented this party, Hou Guangming, Chairman of Academy Council, made opening speech, which received warm applause.

Many representatives of the following companies and enterprises also were here: Chinese Film Equipment CO., LTD, JEBSEN CO., LTD, ARRI (China) CO., LTD, Sony Corporation, CHENG SENG GROUP CO., LTD, LIGHTSTAR Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd, HDAVS Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd, O2 Tech Innovation of information and technology CO., LTD, Canon (China) CO., LTD and Wanda Group. Zhang Huijun, President of BFA expressed his sincere thanks to enterprise friends supporting Chinese film education career on behalf of whole Teachers and students of BFA, and he also gave Education Cooperation Award to ARRI (China) CO., LTD and Chinese Film Equipment CO., LTD.

Mu Deyuan, the originator of Cinerent Award declared that Photographers Institute would not shirking responsibility of helping and supporting students from BFA on behalf of Photographers Institute. The best wish of teachers was to see their students walk far and fly high.

From the born of film to now, generations of filmmakers had never stopped explore image ontology and innovative experiment. In terms of technology, Avatar, Life·Pie, and GRAVITY won Academy Award for Best Cinematography, making us have broad sense of cinematography. In trend, Department of Cinematography taught followers as well as cultivated leaders. Besides main competition units, this Cinerent Award specially arranged showing part of experimental short films and special visual effect short films, and added two awards: Imaging Experiments Award and Special Visual Effect Award to encourage students explore and innovate image concept and image technology.

In order to improve international education level, Department of Cinematography of BFA opened international undergraduate class of film-making since 2013. This class recruited student world widely, and it adopted English teaching method, which was the first among domestic art academies. After having been trained for one year, the learning enthusiasm of students from international class was fully released. Department of Cinematography held photography exhibition for students, and 70 works of students from international class were shown unique individuality and creativity among exhibition pictures. This year, students from international class not only were regarded as hosts in Cinerent Award activities, but they also shew their works in Cinerent Award.

Professor Wang Jing, the project initiator of international film-making class and dean of Department of Cinematography, noted that the project of international film-making class would become normal project of BFA. He was eager to see graduates of Department of Cinematography could become influential in world film in the near future.

We should positively respond appeal of international teaching of BFA, should deepen collision and communication of various cultures through contests, should promote exchange between students and outstanding filmmakers, should invite artist with rich creation experiences to give relevant courses, and should build cooperative partnership with major professional companies. Department of Cinematography of BFA would continuously expand its way of thinking, and brilliant students' works were best witness of teaching quality of Department of Cinematography.

Hu Qiang
Zhi Hongwei
Qian Jun
Professor Xie Fei, Department of Directing of our school, …