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Production Facilities

Film and Television Experimental Center

Film and Television Experimental Center is an important division of Beijing Film Academy in film teaching practice and experiment. It has 12 departments: Teaching Adjusting, Video Laboratory, Videotape Information Laboratory, Photography Laboratory, Computer Network Teaching Classroom, Language Laboratory, large medium and small Film Halls, small theatre, Storeroom for Dress and Property, Storeroom for films, photographic materials and equipment, videotape and lighting staff, and the central office. The center is open to service for all the students, undergraduates, junior college students, students of senior occupational education, of extension courses, further education courses and graduate students, as well as foreign students. With many years of teaching practices, the center has formed a set of comparatively complete controlling methods and regulations.

The center practices a serious, strict and centralized administration method which managed to turn most facilities into teaching practice. In 2000, it began to serve students on Saturday, Sunday and in the evenings, which has won praise many times by superior leaders.

Youth Film Studio
Film and Television Experimental Center