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Graduate School is a school responsible for enrollment and course arrangement for graduate students. Since master degree education started in 1984, Beijing Film Academy has had tremendous achievements. The number of enrolled graduate students is getting more and more with each year and the scale of graduate studies is getting larger and larger. There are full-time graduates as well as part-time graduate. The academy also offers graduate studies to students with similar educational backgrounds. Graduate enrollment is open to students all over the country, including students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and open also to foreign students.

Presently, the academy offers thirty graduate programs in three academic fields: Film Studies; Studies on Fine Art and Broadcast and Television Art Studies. In 2004, a doctorial program of film studies is added with various research directions, which are offered by departments ofthe academy, branch colleges, research institutes and the basic education division.
The academy has a teaching body made of outstanding graduate student directors in the domestic domain of film studies. Graduate directors are chosen through a strict administration system of selection, consideration and approval, whose level of knowledge and teaching quality have been kept at the top level. Most of the graduate directors have rich practical experiences in film and television art creation, teaching experiences, and outstanding scientific research achievements.
Many of them have important essays on film criticism published in special journals of film and television, which have produced a big impact in the circle of film and television both at home and abroad. Some professors are invited as part-time professors, guest professor and doctor candidates directors by internal or external film and television academies and universities.
The graduate students who have graduated from the academy have been playing an important role in the enterprises of culture, education, film and television, universities, colleges and other circles. Many of them have become backbones in art creation, theory studies and teaching professions. Many students have published papers in internal or external scientific journals, and some have published academic books and teaching materials, which won great influence and reputation in the domain of film and television. The graduated students enrolled from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas, as well as from Foreign countries have contributed much actively to cultural exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan areas, as well as with many countries in the world, which play an active role in accelerating the cause of Chinese film and television to march to the world.