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April 13, 2019, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was grandly opened in Huairou. As the jury chairman of “Tiantan Award”, Director Rob Minkoff was invited to participate in the “Director Rob Minkoff's Animation Kingdom Chairman Exchange Activity” in BFA's medium projection hall at 2 pm on April 19. The event was co-sponsored by Beijing International Film Festival and BFA, and co-organized by the International School and the Animation School of BFA. Li Ran, Dean of the International School of BFA, presided over the event, and Li Jianping, Dean of the Animation School of BFA, was the guest host of the communication session. Mr. Zou Lihua, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee and Party Member of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, attended and delivered a speech.

Before the start of the event, Zou Lihua, the Deputy Secretary General and Professor Qian Jun, the Secretary of the Party Committee of BFA, Professor Sun Lijun, the Vice President, Li Ran and Director Rob Minkoff had an informal discussion over the Tiantan Award appraisal work for this Beijing International Film Festival, the general development situation of the academy, Chinese traditional culture and other contents.


Subsequently, the guests moved to the medium projection hall to attend the chairman exchange activity. Mr. Zou Lihua, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee and Party Member of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, gave a speech and opened the prelude of the activity. He extended a warm welcome to Mr. Rob Minkoff on behalf of Beijing International Film Festival.

Professor Sun Lijun, the Vice President of BFA, delivered a sincere and powerful speech to express his good expectation for the win-win co-production between China and the United States in film industry in the future.

Li Ran, Dean of the International School, announced that BFA has hired Director Rob Minkoff as an honorary professor, professor Qian Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the BFA, presented the honorary professor certificate to Director Rob Minkoff.


Director Rob Minkoff shared interesting stories in his making of The Lion King, he began to sing when he talked about the creation of the film's interlude songs, which won great applause. In addition, he also talked about the difficulties faced in the practice of moving from the creation of 2D animation to 3D animation, and expressed his expectation for the diversified development of Chinese cinema in the future. Later, Director Rob Minkoff also had in-depth exchanges with the field audience, and expressed his views on the difficulties in creating animation films and the issues of adaptation of Disney live-action movies.

The chairman exchange event are mainly divided into two parts: dialogue between honored guests and chairman guidance. The honored guests dialogue part was done by a discussion made by Professor Li Jianping and director Rob Minkoff, the chairman in the dialogue was humorous and heartfelt.


In the chairman guidance part, the animated short films Modern Supermarket and I Come From Prairie produced by the students of the BFA Animation School were screened, the former was shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Awards and Anne New York's "Animation Night" exhibition,and the latter was nominated for the 2016 43rd Student Academy Awards. Director Rob Minkoff gave a "informal-discussion-style" guide to the masters of the two short films, sharing his experiences unreservedly with the teachers and students on the scene, and providing valuable opinions to the young creators.


At the end of the event, Director Rob Minkoff signed his name on the event poster and exchanged gifts with teachers and students of the BFA. The portraits given by the BFA students for director Rob Minkoff are vivid and lifelike, and the chairman painted a lovely Simba portrait on the spot as return and took photos with all the teachers and students. Every chairman of the international jury of the "Tiantan Award" has won good praises for holding academic exchange activities in BFA, providing opportunities for teachers and students of our school to have face-to-face exchange experience with experts and scholars in the industry. The CCTV-6 China Movie Report and Beijing TV Station reported on the event.