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On April 4, 2019, Mr. Phay Myint, Minister of Propaganda Ministry of Myanmar, Mr. Ye Naing, Director of the Propaganda and Public Relations Department of the Propaganda Ministry of Myanmar, and Mr. Thein Naing, Division Chief of the Propaganda and Public Relations Department of the Propaganda Ministry of Myanmar, together with experts and scholars in the field of film and television media in Myanmar, held a symposium with BFA representatives on the cooperation and development of the film industry and education in China and Myanmar. Professor Yu Jianhong, Vice President of BFA, Professor Li Jianping, Dean of Animation School, Professor Song Jing, Dean of Photography Department, Li Wei, Director of Photography, Li Ran, Dean of International School, Liu Debin, a teacher from Department of Literature, Shi Baofeng, a teacher from Sound School, Gao Yang, a teacher from Photography, and others cordially received the delegation and made exchanges. Dong Guoping, Director of the International Liaison Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Teacher Li Ran and Director Dong Guoping respectively represented both sides and introduced the industry experts and scholars who attended the symposium .

On behalf of BFA, Yu Jianhong, the Vice President, first welcomed the delegation of the Myanmar Propaganda Minister for their visit, and said that China and Myanmar were linked by mountains and rivers, and that people of the two countries had a deep compatriot relationship. In recent years, China and Myanmar had continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation in the field of film and television culture. The two countries had not only accumulated profound friendship, but also contributed their own strength to promoting bilateral relations. Today, the two sides were together and senior representatives from the film and television industry in the two countries were brought together. We sincerely hoped to share the valuable experience in the development of the film industry of the two countries, to seek opportunities for the two countries’ cooperation in shooting of film and television projects, and to promote exchanges between young film talents in China and Myanmar through the visit of the delegation.
Later, Minister Phay Myint expressed his gratitude to the Vice President Yu Jianhong for BFA's warm reception, and said that the delegation of 19 people visited to deepen the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in culture cause and the film cause, strengthen the connection with the China’ film industry, learn from China’s films in various links from production to distribution in the meanwhile, and thus strive to promote the development of Myanmar’s film industry and the cooperation between China and Myanmar in the field of film and television culture. The development of Myanmar's film industry had a good market prospect, but it also required a lot of technical and policy support in the meanwhile. Through this visit, we hoped to invite Chinese friends to Myanmar for project shooting, not only in the field of commercial development and cultural exchange. We also hoped BFA would participate in the construction of the Myanmar Film and Television Academy in the future to strive to promote the cooperation of film higher education.
After the speech by Minister Phay Myint, Li Wei, the Dean of the International School, introduced the relevant projects of BFA’s Belt and Road Talent Education Base on behalf of BFA. The Photography School of BFA planed to provide a 1-year photography class for students from the Belt and Road countries in September this year. Students who were qualified and admitted would receive tuition assistance. The Myanmar delegation showed strong interest in this project, and learned from the Dean Li Ran about the details including the admission quota, admission criteria and professional courses.
Later, the representatives of the two sides carried out more specific exchanges on the construction of the film shooting base, the film festival cultural exchange project, the joint shooting project of the two countries and the construction of the school curriculum establishment. Song Jing, Dean of the Photography Department communicated with the delegation on the cultural exchanges such as the Belt and Road project and the photo photography talent training model and the Asian Heritage Image Exhibition. Li Jianping, Dean of Animation School, introduced to the guests the development and characteristics of the Animation School and the development status of China’s animation industry. Liu Debin, a teacher from the Department of Literature,made exchanges with representatives of Myanmar on the interaction between the talent training of the BFA and the development of the film industry and the influence while focusing on the development characteristics of the Chinese film market in recent years. Shi Baofeng, a teacher from the Sound School, shared his experience with the Myanmar side on the recording major international cooperation projects and the international student development model. Gao Yang, a teacher from Photography Department took the excellent graduates cultivated by the department and their works as examples to introduce the characteristics of BFA's film photography professional cultivation.


The symposium had full contents. During the limited time, the two sides shared valuable experience and unique viewpoints. After the symposium ended successfully, the two sides took a group photo to mark the occasion.