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The 4th BRICS Film Festival in 2019 will be held in the city of Niederro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The film festival is organized by the Federal University of Fluminense (UFF), Brazil, which is not only the second oldest film academy in Brazil's history, but also one of the most prestigious film academies.


Si Tianyi, a graduate student studying in Class 2018 of Department of Directing of our school, who was selected by the organizers as a member of the youth film talent camp at the early stage and was invited to participate in the two-week joint short film shooting project for young people from five countries——16 students from five member countries will receive film production training on Brazilian documentaries.


Based on the theme and form of the short film, 16 students, under the guidance of professors from UFF University, studied film science courses in the first week, co-produced the experimental short film in the second week, and finished the post-production of the film before the end of the second week. The final short film will be screened at the closing ceremony of the film festival.

There are many wonderful activities in this film festival, such as UFF Academy Award Competition Module, Public Award Selection Module, Joint Training Plan for Young Film Talents of Five Countries, and Interviews with Visiting Professors of Five Countries. These activities have promoted cultural exchanges among member countries, especially for young participants in the film industry, providing them with a stage for practice and exchange, and at the same time strengthening cultural cooperation among member countries and promoting the development of film industry in various countries.


The BRICS FILM FESTIVAL (English: BRICS Film Festival) was established in 2016. It is a national cultural exchange film festival. It is hosted by China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa in turn. Its purpose is to promote the sustainable development of culture and expand the cultural exchange, ethnic awareness and economic cooperation among BRICS people.


On October 7, the closing ceremony of the 4th BRICS film festival was held in the city of Nederland, where a short experimental film made by our students was shown. After the screening, UFF President Antonio Claudio Nobrega issued a certificate to each student from the member countries.