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On November 7, 2019, Han Kyung-ho, Director of Foreign Affairs   of Dongseo University, and Kim Sunjung, Deputy Director, visited our school   and held talks on the exchange program and the 2+2 program. Teachers Li Chu,   dean of the International School, Gao Mei, teacher of the overseas training   base, and Zuo Yan, teacher of the International School, communicate with   visiting representatives.


On behalf of the school, director Han Kyung-ho and deputy   director Kim Sunjung were welcomed to visit our school by teacher Li Chu,   president of the institute of international exchange, who briefly introduced   our school's foreign exchange and cooperation as well as the enrollment of   overseas students. In 2017, the fourth Asian University Film Festival was   held in our school. Professor Lee Yong-Kwan, president of the Dongseo   University Film and Art Institute, attended as a joint executive director and   made a speech. The attendance of your school teachers and students with the   film laid a good foundation for the future cooperation between the two   schools. Teacher Li Chu hopes that the two schools can establish a   professional platform for students to study abroad and learn from each other   through various forms of communication and cooperation in the future.

Director Han Kyung-ho expressed his thanks to Mr. Li Chu for   receiving his party in spite of his busy schedule, and said that Dongseo   University has close ties with the Korean film industry and can maintain the   competitiveness and attractiveness of the school through cooperation with   senior filmmakers in the industry. The main purpose of this visit is to seek   cooperation with your school in exchange students and 2+2 programs. In the   future, the South Korean government has plans to turn Busan into a city that   focuses on film cultural exchanges, which will also create favorable external   conditions for the two schools to carry out more extensive exchanges in the   future. It is hoped that in the future the two schools will open up new ways   in the field of film education, create a new future, and carry out in-depth   cooperation in personnel training and academic exchanges.

After that, Miss Gao Mei introduced to the other side the   relevant programs offered by our overseas study training base, and discussed   the professional courses, students' language ability and the choice of   overseas study destination. Teacher Zuo Yan of the International School   introduced to Director Han Kyung-ho the general situation of current students   of the Film Academy studying abroad and international film exhibition and   academic exchange activities.